Video: Michelle Attoh reveals the most challenging experience in her acting career


Celebrated Actress and TV presenter Michelle Attoh has opened up about her life, career and road to success. In an interview on the Celebrity Fanzone show on GH One TV, the famed actress revealed that she chanced upon her first acting role 20 years ago, where she had to play her the role of a ‘daughter’ in the TV-series “Ultimate Paradise.”

At the time, the show’s producers wanted an actress who looked like Rama Brew and spoke as articulately as her, but was younger – a role she was perfectly fit for. Despite her shyness and lack of experience, she took her chances and went for it; a decision that would come to shape the direction of her life.

She later went on to take acting roles in South Africa, including acting in the Country’s first ever soap opera; Egoli. Asked what the most challenging experience has been for her during her journey, she said it was “growing up”. “Growing up has been the most tasking thing, because you’ve got to be honest with yourself. Growing up takes you through the journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, which is tough”.

Check out her full interview below:


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