Video: T.B. Joshua Rejects $1,000 Gift

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Corrupt Leaders Will Go Down In 2014-tb Joshua

To buttress his unconventional sermon last Sunday where T.B. Joshua berated pastors who ?forced? their members to pay tithes and offerings, a video has surfaced of the Nigerian cleric refusing a whopping $1,000 offering.

TB Joshua
TB Joshua

The clip, which was posted last week on Emmanuel TV?s channel on video-sharing site YouTube, shows Joshua ministering to the sick during his recent visit to the South American nation of Colombia. An elderly Paraguayan lady who had travelled to the meeting from Switzerland is shown receiving prayer for a 60 year back problem.

After she had received prayer, the son of the overwhelmed lady brought out an envelope from her bag. ?In here is an offering that she has been saving for a year – $1,000 for your ministry? he tearfully told the Nigerian pastor. ?Help me give it to the needy,? T.B. Joshua instantly responded. ?These are the things that hinder miracles,? he then explained to the crowd. ?It would look like the miracle is exchanged for money.?

How many pastors would do the same, I wonder?


Source:?Nosa Osazuwa


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