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Vincent Opurum

Simply known as Vincent Opurum, is one of the rising hunks in the movie industry. A recent chat with the Imo State born? actor revealed the other side of him which many yearn to know. The amiable actor who is also an ambassador of peace opens up about his life ?and why he sometimes likes to keep his personal life private.

How did your journey to acting begin?
It started in Kaduna in the year 2000. ?I was in Kaduna when I had an opportunity to be part of a movie my very first movie actually called Pain of a teenage mother sponsored by the Ministry of Women Affairs Commission. The story was about teenage mothers and the pains they go through when they are denied by the society they live in. Before my first movie, actor, Ramsey Nouah was my role model ?and he visited Kaduna with Genevieve Nnaji back then for a movie that was directed by Lancelot Imasuen. I saw them on location doing their thing and instantly decided to be an actor. So when the opportunity presented itself, I made up my mind to follow my calling.

Did you continue with your career in Kaduna?
No I came into Lagos in 2003 to continue my career.

So which movie would you say gave you your big break?
Honestly I can?t tell because I acted in so many films at that time but I suddenly realized ?that people were beginning to take note of me and in no time the celebrity bug caught me too.

How would you describe your rise in the industry?
I will simply say, to whom is chosen by God, comes a King. I give God all d glory

People say you are one of the most handsome actors in the industry right now. How does that make u feel?
I am simply humbled

What do you look out for when accepting a script?
Anything that is not the norm. It has to be challenging.

How would you describe the transformation of Nollywood from the days of Living in Bondage till date?
It?s changing for the better now. The Nigerian movie industry has a long way to go, but with hard work and creative talents coming up these days , I am sure we will get soon.

What do you think are some of the shortcomings of the film industry in Nigeria?
We lack a standard to operate with amongst movie practitioners. It is high time mediocres shouldn?t be allowed to run the show.

Are you implying that the present crop of people into movie production are not professionals?
What I said is a general food for thought. But if there is a standard in our movie industry, mediocrity won?t come in through the back door. We have a large number of well respected professionals in this industry but mediocres and pirates are our major challenge.

How much do you think is needed to shoot a standard Nollywood movie today?
It all depends on the story line, number of casts, the locations,?logistics etc. These are the primary things that your budget. So it?s not a stable budget.

How many movies would you say you have to your credit till date?
Honestly I have lost count.

But have you shot past the 100 mark?
Of course, it?s over hundred movies now and counting.

A lot of your colleagues have gone into movie production and directing. Do you have plans to follow suit ?
I have my plans and aspirations close to my chest and with time, you will see and hear from me.

Who are your role models in the industry?
Locally, like I said, it is Ramsey Noah. Internationally they are Leonardo Di Caprio, Russell Crowe, Al Pacino, and Denzel Washington.

So how would you rate the various award platforms for the film industry ?in Nigeria?
We will get there, there is room for improvements, at least Nollywood is now ranked 3rd in the ?world in terms of movie making.

What do you think the government should do to further assist Nollywood as a body to develop its steady growth ?
It is obvious. We need an enabling environment such as building of a film village which is currently on going, make available financial assistance to help improve on what is already on ground. And if I may add, Power (PHCN) should be better improved to aid movie production better. And finally, to put Pirates in the place they belong to so that the industry will move forward.

Away from Nollywood what else occupies your time ?
My business

Which is ??..?
What I do isn?t for public consumption.

People say you are a womanizer citing your looks as a tool. Is this true?
My look has nothing to do with my attitude. I am a God fearing and helpful citizen of Nigeria.

But there is no smoke without fire??.
If you can point out a few of these victims then maybe I will agree with this saying. People just sit their homes and concoct stories about other people with no proof. May I remind you that what you see on television is the total opposite of who I am. I am a humble person and even shy most times. I only do my best to interpret roles given to me, that?s all.

So are you saying that you have never broken any heart since you came to limelight?
Never. Tell me if you know any?

What lessons has life taught you as a person?
Life is a combination of the good, the bad, the ugly. All what we need is God?s direction and not to fall into the wrong hands. Though the road to success is full of mysteries, only God knows it all.

How do you relax when you aren?t on movie sets?
I love to play football, lawn tennis, table tennis, basketball, reading and watching movies.

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