Vote for Appietus as MUSIGA President – Donn Saynt


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It’s been a long time, i wrote Anything about Musician Union of Ghana and its upcoming Elections,

I was Just Observing things from afar, well what am about to say might hurt some people, but every body knows the truth is bitter, and as for me everyone who knows me, will tell you am straightforward and not a coward or Hypocrite like most of our people, i hate politics and people that play people’s life and future with political tactics.

I Sat down and went through the Manifesto of President Obour and that of Appiatus, to God who made me if i have the power to control all the delegates i will definitely control them to vote for Appiatus.

Though i don’t know him, have never met him, neither have i recorded in his studio, but trust me his manifesto make sense and give hope to Musicians and the Investors that put their money in promoting Artist.

How can you Sell Out your country’s product to the African Continent when their Videos can’t be played on African Music Channel? The Country’s televisions are charging huge amounts of money from Artist to play their videos, and use the same videos to do their commercials, No royalty will be paid at the end of the day, and you see nothing wrong with that? How on earth do you expect the artist to spend big money to shoot classic Videos as its been Demanded by the African Music Channels, when all we think is how we are going to pay big amount of money to local stations for them to play our songs, No Standard, no Quality, Nothing, and you careless about this President Obour, Now that GHONE has been Bought, how are you going to Organize Ghana Music Award?? you see why your Edwuma Pa Reloaded is not Appealing?? As for me Nobody can give me coins to buy my vote should i have any because no amount of money can buy my future, but i know that you could buy your way out, because most of the delegates are definitely old and they will see no sense in all i have stated, so small chicken change could bring them to your side, We need TV Channel and YES WE CAN, if an Individual Could have it, why can’t we?? i rest my Case.

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