Vulnerable persons appeal for inclusion into LEAP programme

Leap Programme

Widows and vulnerable persons at the Kubaremateng community near Lassie in the Wa West District have appealed to the Wa West District Assembly to enroll them onto the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) programme.

They said for several years now, no vulnerable person in the community had benefitted from the programme and alleged that abled persons in other communities were benefiting from the programme.

“There are a lot of widows here (Kubaremateng) but we do not get the money that government gives to the vulnerable people. There are people with husbands who are still taking it, but we widows here don’t get”, said Madam Naabar Sanchaa, a widow in the community.

She made the appeal in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Kubaremateng at the weekend during a visit to the community.

She said she had been a single mother for about ten years now since her husband died leaving her with five children, and added that, life has not been easy for her.

Madam Sanchaa noted that, all efforts for her as well as other widows at the community to get enrolled onto the LEAP programme had not yielded any positive results.

She appealed to the Wa West District Assembly to have pity on them and to enroll them unto the leap programme to help alleviate their plight.

Mr Micheal Arah Sei-uu, the Assembly Member for the Lassie Electoral Area, told the GNA that he would assist the vulnerable persons in his electoral area, including the Kubaremateng community to be enrolled onto the LEAP programme, when the assembly starts to enroll new beneficiaries.

He said for some time now the Assembly had not given opportunity for new beneficiaries to be enrolled and assured the people that they would be enrolled whenever there was the opportunity to do so.

On developmental issues, Mr Paul Daa, a resident of the Kuubaremateng community, indicated that the poor state of the road network linking the community to Lassie and other adjourning communities was negatively affecting their access to quality and timely health care services.

According to him, neither a car nor tricycle could get access to community, especially, during the rainy season to covey sick persons, including pregnant women and children to the nearest health facility at Lassia.

Daa, therefore, appealed to the government and the Wa West District Assembly to fix their roads.


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