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Wanlov in a bare it all interview on ?Friday Night Live? hosted by Peace Regina Hyde confessed that he onetime penetrated a boy when he was very young. He attributed the homosexual act to the influence that watching of excessive pornographic movies had on him. ?I wanted to fulfill my sexual desires onetime and a guy was the only one around and that led to having sex with the boy?, he explained.

Wanlov hastened to add that he no longer practices it, but then he speaks his mind on homosexual stuffs because he doesn?t like the way gays are being oppressed. He also admitted that he has had sex with more than 300 women as at the age of 33.

Wanlov has interesting names for his children, which include Abosamposuro Owusu Bonsu, Mali Wasty Owusu Bonsu, Ama Mampi Owusu Bonsu, Tivi Lili Owusu, Bonsu and Kojolescu Alata Mori Owusu Bonsu. The children were born by five women of different nationalities- American, British, Ghanaian, Danish and Japanese.

Wanlov describes himself as always learning and applying stuffs that make sense and seem logical to him. He disclosed that he will soon pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. He revealed that he stopped being religious because he had read several books on Christianity and a particular book titled, ?Christianity Before Christ? influenced him the most to stop being religious.

He went on to disclose that he onetime engaged in Sakawa. ?I did Sakawa, I used the money to pay my rents, flown around in first class airlines, bought motor cycles just to mention a few. Sometimes the thought of going back to it crosses my mind but I just don?t see the need to engage in it anymore?.

When asked whether it?s because of him that Mensa of FOKN BOIS started being controversial, he said, ?Mensah has always been crazy and Reggie can attest to it and it?s not that he joined FOKN BOIS that he started being controversial. I did not influence Mensa?.

On his style of dressing, the eccentric Wanlov said that he started to dress that way back then in his secondary school days at Adisadel College where he would just wrap a towel or bed sheet around himself and move around from dormitory to dormitory, checking on his friends. Then, when he completed school his friends urged him on to just adopt that style of dressing because to them he looks good and simple when he dresses that way. In December 2OO7, the again officially started walking barefooted. This uniqueidentity in deed sells him out.

Wanlov ended the interview by briefly touching on Ghana?s economic state where he disclosed that corruption is here to stay and that corruption is just like bread and butter and will continue to linger on forever.

Written by, Amekor Shola Evershed


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