Wanlov’s Take On The Chris Brown Weed Smoking Controversy


Wanlov and Mensa In London (4) (600x800)

I was running around East London today with a friend and we decided to stop by the popular ?Kenkey House? in Leyton to get some late lunch. After smashing down two balls of kenkey each which we topped with a bottle of Malt, we decided to run off?.

And just before we got into the car, Wanlov Da Kubolor and his partner in crime-M3nsa were just parking in front of us?They were coming to get some Kenkey too!

Quickly, we got into the Chris Brown $1million and weed controversy.

Just like many Ghanaians, Wanlov could not ascertain why the organizers of the event are trying to redeem the situation with lies-stating that what Chris Brown puffed on stage was a mere E-cigarette or whatever.

Light-heartedly, Wanlov said, if the organizers claim what Chris Brown smoked was not weed, then what he also showed on TV to Delay some months ago which we saw as his dyck is just a Dildo, not the real thing?

I got that on camera so check the video below?

This is why I love East London, you never know who you can bump into?

Wanlov In East London (2)

Wanlov In East London (3)

Wanlov and Mensa In London (2) (600x800)

Wanlov and Mensa In London (3) (600x800)

Wanlov and Mensa In London (4) (600x800)

Wanlov and Mensa In London (5) (600x800)

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