Was the Gaza Flotilla Massacre a Turkish-Israeli False Flag and Precursor to the War on Syria?


by Martin Iqbal.

On 31st May 2010, armed Israeli terrorists committed a heinous act of violence that sent shockwaves around the world. It stunned those not familiar with Israel’s history of terrorism, hatred, bloodshed and murder. Others however, including the Palestinians who are intimately familiar with the usurping Zionist entity’s modus operandi, could only look on unsurprised at this macabre reminder of what ‘Israel’ represents.

After the fact, potentially explosive information has surfaced – the implications of which warrant close consideration. There are indications that the Gaza flotilla massacre of April 2010 could have been far from a routine act of violence on the part of Israel, but instead a long-planned operation carried out with the full cooperation of the Turkish government. The aims of the operation were manyfold, but it is thought that the cold-blooded murder of those nine people in international waters was part and parcel of the ongoing war on Syria.

A December 17, 2011 report by Spanish journalist Daniel Iriarte reveals a number of key facts.(1) While in Syria, Iriarte spoke to three Libyans connected to Abdelhakim Belhaj (precious NATO asset and butcher of Tripoli). Illustrating how instrumental he has been to Western intelligence, Belhaj has been linked to the Madrid false flag bombings by none other than ex Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. Furthermore, he has been an indispensable footsoldier of the NATO nexus, shuttling from Libya to Syria(2) in servitude of the nefarious Western-GCC-Israeli nexus now tearing away at both nations. When meeting with Iriarte these Libyans, who apparently made no attempts to conceal their identity or nationality, claimed to be in Syria to “assess the needs of the Syrian revolutionary brothers“. One of the men was Libyan-Irish citizen Mahdi al-Harati – commander of the Tripoli Brigade and second in command to Abdelhakim Belhaj, who is leader of the Tripoli Military Council. The Tripoli Military Council is a proxy force of NATO, tasked with the job of unifying the mercenaries fighting NATO’s ground war in Libya, essentially performing the occupiers’ dirty work.

In a very revealing disclosure, al-Harati tells Iriarte that he was “wounded in the assault on the Mavi Marmara, and spent nine days in jail in Tel Aviv“.

NSNBC recently posted a very important piece titled “GLADIO, Bin Laden to Erdogan, Belhadj and Hamas: Mossad´s and NATO´s Dirty Underwear 2012“.(3)

Christof Lehmann – editor of NSNBC – revealed to this writer that a well-connected Palestinian source of his informed him with confidence that in addition to al-Harati, NATO darling Abdelhakim Belhaj himself was also on board the Mavi Marmara on that fateful night.

Readers should not be surprised that Mahdi al-Harati, who has been living care-free in Ireland with hundreds of thousands of pounds of CIA cash,(1) was released scot-free by the Israeli authorities after the flotilla attack.

After all, al-Harati has been dutifully serving the Western-Israeli agenda, returning to Libya from Ireland at the outset of the counterrevolution in February (just like CIA asset Khalifa Haftar),(4) in order to command the NATO-aligned ‘rebel’ forces.

Readers should instead be asking what these two Western intelligence assets were doing aboard the Mavi Marmara – an aid ship that was sailing to Gaza, commissioned by the conscience of good-hearted humanitarian and Palestine solidarity activists from around the world.

It is thought that the Gaza flotilla massacre was a huge deception orchestrated by Turkey and Israel in order to facilitate the elimination of certain Turkish figures who had been opposed to Erdogan’s intended war on Syria. These men, thought to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other affiliated groups, would have been coaxed into joining the flotilla – not a difficult task considering that they would likely be vehemently opposed to Israel, keeping in mind their opposition to meddling in Syria.

The highly probable presence of NATO assets Belhaj and al-Harati on the ship (to facilitate the murder of the targets by IDF death squads) lends credence to this theory, as does the nature in which the murdered Turkish citizens were killed: summary executions at point blank range.

The report of the fact-finding mission of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla released in September 2010 found conclusively(5)that six of the victims were murdered ‘execution style’ by the Israeli terrorists.

The report found that not only was Furkan Dogan summarily executed like the other targets of this Israeli violence, but he had been laid on the ground for ‘some time‘, incapacitated, before he was shot in the head at point blank range. This method of execution used by the Israeli operatives suggests that they were under orders to methodically kill certain passengers of the ship.

This idea is strongly corroborated by reports that IDF soldiers were carrying advance target assassination lists(6) when they boarded the ship.

Another key strategic aim of this operation was to rally Turkish public support for Erdogan, who immediately took a (completely hollow) aggressive stance towards Israel. This public support, it was intended, was to be channelled into a Turkish campaign against Syria – a campaign in which NATO assets Belhaj and al-Harati were and are intimately involved.

Christof Lehmann described the Gaza flotilla massacre as the “most deceptive false flag in contemporary history“. At a time when Hamas – the main faction of Palestinian resistance to Israeli usurpation – isbeginning to align itself with Qatar and Saudi Arabia(7) (who are counted amongst the architects of the wars on Libya & Syria), this possibility seems distinct, compelling, and worthy of close consideration.


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