One of the significant aspects of human psychological development is self-confidence. If you are confident, you can achieve your goals because you believe in yourself. When you exude confidence, you exude positivism to those surrounding you and they in turn would be infected by it to the point that they will help you attain your goals. For instance, you and your officemates are tasked to do a project by upper management. If you show your officemates that you can as a group do the project, you would be able to motivate them to get the job done. If you feel shy and afraid however, here are tips to remember to help you answer the question, ?what are the ways on how to improve my self confidence??

How to Improve My Self Confidence ? Know Your Present Self

When you wish to improve your self confidence, you need to assess your present state first. Make a list of all the goals you have achieved so far. Record them so that you have something to read during moments you doubt yourself. ?

How to Improve My Self Confidence ? Know Your Strengths

After making a list of all your achievements, make another list this time with your strengths written inside. Check the list with the goals you have achieved and analyze what particular skill you used to attain them. You can also ask people close to you what they think your strengths are.

How to Improve My Self Confidence ? Know Your Short and Long-Term Goals

You should also make a list of your goals in the future. These should not be only your long-term goals but the short-term ones as well.

When you set your goals, you would be able to do things to achieve them. Once you have achieved them, this will boost your self-confidence. List down these goals and write down how you were able to attain them.

How to Improve My Self Confidence ? Know Causes of Low Self-Confidence

Learn how to manage and organize your thoughts. Try to check the moments you feel low and you lack self-confidence.? Once you have knowledge on what causes your low self-esteem, you would know what to stay away from. When you feel less confident, always look at your journal and read the pages on your goals and strengths. You can also tell yourself when you are alone and feeling doubtful that you are really much better than how you perceive yourself to be.

How to Improve My Self Confidence ? Update your Journal

To continuously feel confident, update your journal frequently. When you feel pessimistic and are drowning in self-pity, immediately go over your journal. Make it a habit weekly to update your lists. Read your achievements followed by the list of your new strengths.

How to Improve My Self Confidence ? Create Mental Pictures

Make mental pictures of yourself and how you always look when you accomplish a task. Create a picture of yourself gaining a reward for accomplishing your job. You can think of yourself eating your favorite food or having a massage. When you have created mental pictures of yourself, think of them whenever you feel down so that you would be motivated to accomplish anything.

Self-confidence is important especially in these times when people are very competitive. If you do not fight for and appreciate yourself, you will not receive respect from others. To be respected, you need to know the answer to your question, ?what are tips on how to improve my self-confidence??

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