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We Can Solve Dumsor Without Politicians – Zeepay CEO


Andrew Takyi-Appiah, the co-founder and CEO of Zeepay, believes that Ghanaians can address the issue of intermittent power outages, known as Dumsor, without relying on politicians.

He highlights that many communities have residents with underutilized power generators in their homes. By leveraging this redundant capacity, communities can tackle Dumsor locally.

“If a community has, say, a thousand power generators owned by its residents, those generators can be connected to a community-level grid. In the event of a blackout, the extra capacity could feed the mini-grid to benefit lower-class homes without generators,” he explained.

Takyi-Appiah also mentioned that such a system could be designed to generate revenue for the community, which could then be used for local development projects.

Speaking at the Mobile Technology for Development (MT4D) session during the recent 3i Africa Summit, Takyi-Appiah urged Ghanaians to overcome their fears and realize their potential in solving local challenges.

“I think that what is happening to us is that we are scared to evolve as a people…Let’s just evolve because we have the infrastructure and the thought process, so maybe that might solve that problem,” he stated.

He pointed out that Rwanda has implemented a mini-grid strategy that feeds into the national grid, ensuring power availability 24/7. Ghana could learn from this approach to address Dumsor.

Takyi-Appiah emphasized the importance of community leaders, such as chiefs and local associations, working together to solve Dumsor rather than depending on politicians.

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