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We don’t need a Cathedral now

National Cathedral
National Cathedral

Ghana twenty years ago isn’t the same today.


Most of our leaders are corrupt and vindictive. All they care about is siphon the country’s resources at the expense of the welfare of the Ghanaian.


Do I blame them? Besides, some clergymen will pour anointing oil on their heads upon receiving the usual fat envelopes as offering.


Can the clergy tell leadership in the face that unemployment is prevalent and that a Cathedral shouldn’t be the way forward? When God doesn’t say anything but some of them hide behind religion and through dust into our eyes. We need divine intervention to change the fortunes of this country. Lord have mercy.


According to a world meter analysis of the most recent United Nations data, Ghana’s population is currently 32,346,320 as of Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Ghana had 30,417,856 people living there as of 2019. These figures clearly demonstrate a 1.928,464 rise in the country’s population. Nevertheless, the nation has a high rate of inflation. There hasn’t been a significant phase in the economy in more than 18 years.

The cost of gasoline increased from GhC6.90 pesewas per litre in January to GhC12.282 per litre in June.

Much of the economy has been impacted by this. The increase in gasoline prices results in high food prices and a generally high cost of life. As graduates are left jobless after their service, the unemployment rate keeps rising.

There are also numerous projects that the government hasn’t finished.

A few examples from the previous administration were the e-block projects in Wenchi Municipality and Sekyedumase at Buoku.

However, tax payers money being invested in the National Cathedral in order to address all of these difficulties. In Ghana, there are hundreds of churches, and many of them might be refurbished to accommodate ceremonial religious events like state funerals and presidential inaugural services.


Upon completion, it is estimated that the national Cathedral will have cost around $200 million. The Methodist, Pentecostal, SDA, and Adventist churches are only a few of the many congregations  that have donated to the Cathedral. However, there are rumours that more money is being spent than is publicly reported. Government expenditures totalled GHC 30 million on infrastructure, according to the Finance Minister, but this year, the Cathedral received only GHC25 million.

However, before receiving their pitiful GHC559 payment, the national service members had to scream. The Cocoa Board in Kade hasn’t paid its temporary employees in two months. Every Now and then, fuel prices continue to skyrocket. And the price of goods doesn’t seem to be decreasing. Youth unemployment has increased.

Do Ghanaians truly need a national cathedral, I wonder once more?

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