The proverbial broom is one noted to be united to achieve a common purpose but that has not been the case for Music Group Praye.The award winning trio has over the weeks engaged in a fracas that doesn’t look like it is coming to an end anytime soon.

On  Peace Fm’s Entertainment review show over the weekend, the shortest of the ‘Angelina’ hit makers,  Big J clearly stated that He(Big J) and Eugene (Praye Honeho) were now a duo and that they had nothing to do with the tallest of the group ‘Praye Tintin’. In a rather apprehensive mood, he recounted the actions and inactions of Praye Tintin that caused the ‘Musical Divorce’.

He blamed Praye Tintin of secretly recording in a separate studio whiles they were still together as a group. He further disclosed how Praye Tintin took away a lucrative sponsorship deal for himself without taking the group into consideration.

He also cited an instance where Praye Tintin went to TV3 to perform as an individual and was turned away by Iso Paeley (Ice Baby) the producer of the show.He later on went on the internet to rain insults on the Producer. He also disclosed that , Praye Tintin swore to apologise to Iso Paeley only over his dead  body when he was asked to apologise to do so.

Praye Tintin on the other hand claimed he called the other two members of the group to solve the problem but all attempts came to nought. Big J however gave a quick rebuttal stating that Praye Tintin called them to claim his share of the proceeds of the shows they had played.

Showbiz pundits have raised concerns about the whole issue. Kwame Sefa Kayi  expressed disappointment at recent happenings. Socrates Safo also suggested a committee that will reconcile the group. Rex Omar asked us to be conscious of our artiste managers.  Kobi Rana lamented over  why all the Nescafe African Revelations  were splitting by the day.

In all these, I want them to know that the brand name ‘Praye’ is what has brought them this far. PRAYE, Don’t throw the baby with the bath water.



Mawuli Pomary

Mawuli Pomary

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