We need reforms in Ghana Music space for international recognition

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Renowned musician Shatta Wale has expressed grave concerns about the obstacles impeding Ghana’s music industry from attracting significant global investments and partnerships.

Wale highlighted the industry’s apparent challenges, citing the lack of conducive policies, insufficient infrastructure, and limited resources as major hindrances that have hampered its international growth.

The artist in a social media post copied by Journalist and Blogger Attractive Mustapha , he underscored the urgent need to address these issues, advocating for enhanced regulatory frameworks, increased investments in modern infrastructure, and the reinforcement of intellectual property rights and licensing. According to Wale, implementing these measures is pivotal to unlocking the industry’s untapped potential and propelling it to unprecedented global heights.

Shatta Wale called upon stakeholders in the Ghanaian music sector to unite and collaborate in creating an environment that appeals to substantial global investments.

He emphasized the importance of collective efforts to ensure that Ghanaian music resonates globally, not only contributing to the country’s national identity but also bolstering its economy.

In a rallying cry to fellow industry members, Shatta Wale urged swift and decisive action, emphasizing that the time to act is now.

The musician’s impassioned plea mirrors a shared vision among Ghanaian artists to elevate their music on the world stage, advocating for a united front to pave the way for a brighter future for the country’s dynamic music industry.

Below is his full statement


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