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We need religious peace in Ghana


Religious peace
Religious peace

I share in the views of the popular quote of the great writer, John Mason, ”loving people precedes leading them- people won’t follow you until they know how much you care”.

Religious peace
Religious peace

It is disheartening considering the trend of affairs in the religious discourse of our nation; an emerging trend of religious segregation at work places and educational institutions. It is quite distasteful how most people are getting too fanatical neglecting the core values of their religions.

Islam thrives on the basic doctrine, peace(with one’s neighbour). Christianity is summarized in love. Does peace and love manifest in coercion?

No one has ever achieved great feats as to changing human life with coercion. Great minds almost always think about the dignity of the people they serve. As far as people have intellects and discernible of right and wrong, they deserve to be afforded the opportunity to choose as far as religion is concerned. Conviction is relative and for that matter the 1992 constitution enjoins citizens to practise any creed, faith or dogma as by law recognized.

Religious extremism is not only when a religious body terrorizes another group under the pretext of advancing one’s religious ideologies but perpetuating one’s faith against another through intimidation and harassment amounts to fanaticism and extremism.

Why do mission schools coerce people to attend devotional meetings? Why the strict dressing styles? What if I turn a deaf ear after training? Will you be in my home to check on the principles you passionately advanced?
Sitting in church or mosque everyday does not make one a Pope or Imam. Regardless of Samuel Paul’s background as raised in a Christian home, he still steals.

Isn’t it ridiculous? Samuel Paul – a Christian name. Amadu Abu, a rapist though the Imam’s first son, quite amazing.

I agree with Chief M.K.O Abiola when he perspicaciously opined that No One Can Terrorize A Whole Nation Unless We Are His Accomplices. Let us all dissociate ourselves from extremism leading to division and hatred.

Religious bodies must redefine their modus operandi and start thinking about love and give people equal opportunities. Love is the greatest!!!!!!

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