We shall embark on campaign devoid of insults – Dr Ayine

Dr Ayine

Dr Dominic Akuritinga Ayine, the parliamentary aspirant for Bolgatanga East, has called on his supporters to capitalise on the achievements of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and propagate their message devoid of insults.

“I want to advice all of my supporters that we are going to have a peaceful campaign devoid of rancour, fighting and insults. You know that Akuritinga doesn’t insult, and so don’t insult on behalf of Akuritinga.”

Dr Ayine, who is also the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, made the call at Zuarungu, the district capital of Bolgatanga East, after he successfully filed his nomination forms to contest the parliamentary seat, for the third time, at the District Office of the Electoral Commission.

He urged his supporters to ensure that they showcased the achievements of the first four years of the NDC government, especially in the constituency, to debunk statements by opposition parties that he had not performed as an MP, saying: “Akuritinga Ayine is never a non performing MP.”

He said the NDC, under his leadership in the Constituency, was able to construct a school complex at Zono-zore, which would soon be commissioned, as well as an on-going school infrastructure being constructed at Dubila in addition to the numerous boreholes provided.

“Again, I want to assure the District Director of Elections that the NDC will abide by the elections if they are conducted freely and fairly. We hope that in Bolga East and throughout the country, the elections will be conducted freely and fairly,” Dr Ayine said.

“I am serving notice to all the people who will be superintending the elections at this place that they have to do so in accordance with law, and they have to do so fairly.”


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