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We Want War And We Need It Now.


wpid-mali-al-quada.jpgYes! it seems the desire to make Ghana (a renowned known peaceful country in the world) the worst place ever to live is still the priority of some prominent indigenes of this land.

It baffles me a lot to know that the peace we enjoy is what people want to trade for their personal interest and gain. During the election, everyone including politicians, clergies etc were all talking, campaigning, and preaching the word PEACE. But today it seems all those talks, peace-walks and prayers were in vain because we just needed the peace to conduct elections. Does that mean it is only election times we need to discuss PEACE? It also gets me thinking whether the peace we are enjoying has an expiry date. No! Where have we put the messages and lessons from the Asantehene?s peace treaty, little Angela the peace ambassador for election 2012, I stand for peace pledges etc. Ghanaians! We have to think twice before taking a?bold badstep.
Why do we have to be suggesting and discussing issues of coup d??tat at this crucial moments of our democracy????????????????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Why do we want to make the lives of innocent children and women miserable??????????????????????????????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?????Why do we have to displace the precious human resources that we have??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Why do we want to induce fear and discouragement into investors???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???Why do we need to play with our peace even though we know how well people are suffering in countries such as Mali, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria etc?
Don?t we know that the height we have attained in our development is very high before we want to get ourselves restarting from point zero?
Fellow Ghanaians, let us help ourselves focus on progressive things that will make our nation, Ghana great and strong. Let?s help our nation by maintaining the peace we have and make Ghana a safe place for everyone.
The poor Ghanaian child, disabled and on the street, home and everywhere needs this peace more than his/her daily bread to survive just as the doctor needs a patient, a teacher needs a student and the president needs citizens to rule than sacrifice it for an individual or for a selfish personal need.
We?ve got things to think of, we?ve got problems to solve, we?ve got a country to develop and protect and we?ve got a peace to be proud of and maintain it.
If you agree with me then help me to rewrite the title of this article to becomeWe Want Peace and We Have It Now and Forever
Thank you
Akpah Prince
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