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By Gbenga Bada


Ghanaian movie star, Joseph Van Vicker has literarily invaded the Nigerian movie industry with his boyish looks. He’s fast becoming a household name in Nigeria. No doubt, Vicker is a man of many parts.

Born to a Dutch father and a Ghanaian mother, Vicker who is married with two kids revealed that he didn’t set out to be a movie star, though he had been an on air personality long before his movie career took off.

“It was not planned for. I guess because I had been a TV personality doing an entertainment program, the producer of the first film I played a lead role in, sort of believed I could do it and approached me. I agreed, since I thought it was another challenge for me. I was already on TV and on the radio I thought it was cool.

I was doing the  and all that but I did not think I would make an impact on so many people. Not that I thought I was a bad actor but it just did not strike me that I could make it big. I guess I just saw it as one of my numerous jobs.”

One thing that has endeared many to this light skinned half-caste is his athletic body and he shared some of his experiences with ladies, who had sneaked through heavy security just to have a feel of his body, even though he maintains he still can’t understand why:

“I remember how a lady broke down in tears in Minnesota after she walked into the room I was to stay and discovered that I was gone, And again in New York, another lady just ran straight to me (beating security) and jumped into my arms.

Another lady in New Jersey saw me at the post office and could not believe it and was just touching me all over. It was so funny. All these moments I cherish. I try to keep in shape at all times. I try to look as presentable as possible. I mean, if they like what they see, then I must nurture what they see.”

Van talks about how he has consistently struggled to be a good father and husband because of his busy work schedules: “I have a wife and 2 kids. For them, adjusting to my way of life has been a struggle, especially lately. I am here today and tomorrow I am there, talking to them on the phone and all that.

As for my wife, Adjoa, I think she is going through a lot but I can see she is a strong woman. I mean, she was used to me always being around and then overnight, everything changed. She is very understanding and it is amazing. I mean there are times where I get to Ghana today and I am on another flight the same day or the next day. God knew my destiny and just gave me the perfect wife,” he said.

Growing up with a single mother, who struggled to secure a bright and rewarding future for Van is one of the reasons he said he feels he needs to spend more time with his kids:

“I want to be to my kids the dad I never had. Not that I was brought up badly, actually my mother is the best in the whole world with the way she raised me; a single mother trying to make ends meet, making all the sacrifices so I could get good education.

I just want my kids to have their dad around because sometimes I feel I have missed a part of growing up because my dad was not there. He died when I was 6 years old. My dad was a Dutch from Holland and my mother is a mixed blood – Ghana and Liberia.”

His looks sure come with brilliance as he has also engaged himself in directing and production of films. He explained his reasons for this:

“Friday Night is my first ever produced movie. I directed it. I have a passion for directing.”

An avid lover of sports, Joseph enjoys shooting pool, soccer, tennis, and basketball. He was the first runners up in a Basketball Slam Dunk competition in 1997 and played college basketball as well as professional basketball for the Shepherds while growing up in Ghana.

Some of his notable appearances in movies and television series include The President’s Daughter series, Mummy’s Daughter, Divine Love, The American Boy, Princess Tyra, In the Eyes of My Husband, Innocent Soul and Slave to Lust, amongst many others.

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