When gist about Harrysong, a.k.a Mr Songz being a product of incest broke, everyone went gaga, condemning the poor guy for disclosing such a sensitive information surrounding his birth.?

Well, should we say or not say everyone was right for reacting that way? We are Nigerians and our people see such as an abomination, and that’s the same reason why Harrysong’s parents had to breakup their marriage after finding out they’d committed a sacrilege according to our custom.?

But why criticize him? Afterall, he didn’t ask to be born amidst such situation in the first place. Besides, why do we find it hard to appreciate those who are sincere enough to say the truth about themselves?(lesbians and gays exempted as their inclination is totally evil). We probably would have preferred Harrysong to have presented some concocted lies.?

Again, should he have killed himself a result of us not liking his birth process or does that have an effect on his life achievements and successes? “NO!”

So, the argument is this- Although his birth process may be an abomination to some, let’s not forget than one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

What do I mean by one man’s meat is another man’s poison in Harrysong’s case??

Yes, Nigerians detest his birth process but there are some countries of the world who still marry among their relations.Take for example, ?Southern India marry their cousins.

Cousin marriage is the marriage between people who share at least one grandparent. The attitude towards such marriages varies considerably across cultures and legal jurisdictions. It may be considered ideal and actively encouraged, or uncommon but still legal, or considered incest and legally prohibited.?

Marriages between first and second cousins account for over 10% of marriages worldwide.They are particularly common in the Middle East, where in some nations they account for over half of all marriages. In many cultures, only certain specific types of cousin marriages are permitted, while others are prohibited. In western culture, they have been legal in most jurisdictions through most of history and were considered socially acceptable until the first half of the 20th century; indeed, they were the norm in royal families, with Queen Victoria-Albert and William-Mary being two of numerous examples.

It can also be argued that during the Biblical Old Testament era, Abraham and Sarah were cousins. Rebbecca and Issac were also cousins. Jacob married two sisters- Rachael and Leah. We can’t tell if there were such in Islam but you can be rest assured there’d be such cases too.?

Mind you, we are not trying to say it’s the best thing to start practicing incest like fathers marrying their daughters and mothers having affiars with their sons. But, what if one finds himself in such a situation like Harrysong’s where his parents were blood relations?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s even more disheartening ?when he came out to deny he didn’t say such just because loads of people came chasing after him at the instant the news was let out.?

There is simply nothing new under sun as that doesn’t mean God had condemned him to hell already or he’s never going to be successful in life.?

Besides, he’s a success story already!

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