By Margaret Jackson




Bawumia has been accusing the ruling NDC government on every single issue he can think of without verifying most of the things he says. I, would therefore, not be surprised when I wake up tomorrow and hear Bawumia, who seems to be lying under his teeth at everywhere he goes, telling Ghanaians that the late President Mills is indeed not dead.


Bawu-Noise is now claiming that small thinkers do small things. If indeed small thinkers do not do little things, Bawumia, who is the former deputy governor of the Bank of Ghana would not have colluded with the erstwhile Kufuor government and hurriedly done the redenomination without educating Ghanaians on its merits and demerits.


Bawumia, who goes about praising the so-called Kufuor?s administration of transforming the country?s economy into a non-existent lower income emerging economy, keeps floating numbers than telling Ghanaians the real improvement that the Kufuor?s 8 years government brought to the ordinary Ghanaians.


The NPP?s vice-presidential candidate who was speaking at a youth forum held at the University of Development Studies, Wa Campus on Saturday, bluntly lied that the NPP increased the economy by 62.5% on the average in nominal dollar terms in 8 years while the NDC has so far been increasing the economy by 5.5% in nominal dollar terms in the last four years.


What Bawumia who seems to be gunning for the title, ?Liar-In-Chief?, would not want Ghanaians to know is that he was part of the gang that conspired and did the redenomination that sky-rocketed the prices of every good on the Ghanaian market. Today, we have such a character who is gunning to be vice-president having the guts to say that the NDC has made life very unbearable for Ghanaians.


Bawu-Noise claims he is somebody who thinks big and gets bigger things done. I will not even bother Bawumia with anything big that he has done for mother Ghana. I will go with little things. I and many Ghanaians will applaud Bawumia if he informs Ghanaians about any credible thing he did at the Bank of Ghana that positively affected lives.


Hear Bawu-Noise in his own words, ?You need to appoint people who know what they are doing in the economy. If you appoint propaganda experts in the management of the economy, all you would get is propaganda, and that is all we have seen in the past 3 and a half years.?


Indeed Ghana has been better off since it shown the NPP the exit in the 2008 election, because Bawumia is on record of being the main architect who almost duped Ghana with his 419 traits by pushing his NPP government to into making a pitch for a loan from a hair salon.


And I bet the country will see greater heights when Ghanaians read into the propaganda pronouncements of Bawumia and stay away from him. This guy has no record of his own to run on. I will be very happy if Bawumia goes on the campaign trail and says that as the former deputy governor of the Bank of Ghana, he did this and that which positively affected the advancement of the country under the Kufuor?s regime.


If Bawu-Noise has done something credible for the country, he should bring it on. He should not always be talking about Kufuor, Kufuor and Kufuor. He claims he and Akufo-Addo are bigger minds. Bigger minds start from somewhere; they don?t wait until they are given bigger responsibility. Therefore, if Akufo-Addo and Bawumia have accomplished key things that have positively affected the lives of Ghanaians apart from the ?Two bois? and 419 Salon Loans, Ghanaians are all ears, waiting to hear them speak in their own words.

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