Question AC ? What is the speed of sound traveling through the air, the absolute zero
I know that sound travels faster or slower depending on what medium it’s over, but the temperature also affects the speed, because the warm air molecules have more energy, therefore, to transmit sound more rapidly, because of frequent collisions. But, say, how quickly would sound Tours absolute zero (through the air, not the empty space is because it would be impossible)? Although he says that it is not technically a part of the initiative 0K absolute lack of movement is impossible. That said, how quickly would sound travel? Best Answer:
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absolute lack of movement was observed. Is possible. Just like to reach absolute zero is POSSIBLE.Théoriquement, sound can not be carried out in any way is the absolute zero. But just adding energy to the volume may be sufficient to excite some particles are moving backwards, allowing the sound to travel, but I think the answer depends on the intensity of retardé.Donc sound (whether it is sufficient to cover the distance to travel at all, or probe), but after that it is difficult said.

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