What it means to be proud as Ghanaians

Kwame Nkrumah

“…When Nkrumah was overthrown in 1966, Ghana’s debt, after…investments all across Ghana, was under 25% of the…GDP.

Kwame Nkrumah
Today, it is 71% even though Ghana received substantial “debt forgiveness” when the NPP was on the grounds of the Flagstaff House they tore down for Jubilee…For Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud reasons, we will continue to present data and information about the true Ghana record in history…We will do it in a non-partisan way, with equal measure…When it fits the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-PP-NPP heads, they must wear it. When it fits the P/NDC-NDC heads, they must wear it. When it fits the Public Administrator/Judge’s head, they must wear it, too!. The Dr. Bawumia’s PowerPoint case had “a helluva” gas for evidence…So maybe,…the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-NPP will see fit to respond to our critique of Bawumia, point-by-point, as detailed at GhanaHero.com…” (Prof Lungu, 16 Sep 15).

We represent more than just one voice. We speak in Ghana-Centered and Ghana-Proud. The voice is the votes, just as the votes are the voice. We believe that Ghanaians have been greatly cheated out of the greatest political and development dividend any African country could ever have had. Ghanaians are still been greatly cheated, today! As a result, the multi-billion dollar Kwame Nkrumah legacy industry that could easily have already materialized in Ghana after Nkrumah’s passing, never did.

And Ghana is still losing today, regardless of your funny, fancy, partisan political coat!

All this because a few self-centered soldiers, policemen, politicians, and intellectuals fell victim to foreign handlers who had centuries of experience in international affairs. Those interests (US, France, UK), had specific policy goals to achieve for their governments, the interests of Ghanaians be-damned! So, when they overthrew Nkrumah, they destroyed. They have never allowed a true redemption for Ghana, though there are those have feigned liberation and jubilee.

This explains the confusion in every Hall of Ghana Government (Parliament, Tourism, Education, History, Culture, Bank of Ghana, Forestry, Oil and Mining, Energy and Power, Technology, Environmental, Ambassadorial, Police, Academy of Arts and Sciences, Judiciary, etc.). Then add the Ghana Bar Association (GBA)!

When Nkrumah was overthrown in 1966, Ghana’s debt, after all those investments all across Ghana, was under 25% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Today, it is 71% even though Ghana received substantial “debt forgiveness” when the NPP was on the grounds of the Flagstaff House they tore down for Jubilee.

To the point, contrary to rhetoric about freedom, economic development, and progress, most Ghanaians have received practically zilch (0) since the day Nkrumah was overthrown. But, not the few, the powerful, the connected, those who divvied up through divestment Ghanaian industrial assets from Nkrumah’s era. These are the same assets they claimed Nkrumah wasted Ghana’s money on. Except the one they could not take for a song (i.e, Akosombo Dam).

In that sense, the coup that toppled Nkrumah was not even as much an “Ashanti” plot as it was an anti-Ghanaian-interest plot. Many Asante fathers, sons, and daughters, after all, did, and still do, believe in the fundamental legacy of Kwame Nkrumah and what all of that represents for Ghana, even into the future.

That is a fact!

After all, Kotoka was not Asante, nor were Ankrah and Harlley. Plainly, it was a group of traitors who acted against Ghana. So, the “exuberant joy” Mr. Jerry “Accountability” Rawlings claimed to have heard following the violent overthrow was a misplaced “joy”. It was absent-minded. It was a “joy” by Ghanaians ignorant of the real facts at bottom of the overthrow.

After all, nobody, certainly not Ankrah himself, told Ghanains that he, Ankrah, same Ankrah who was fired and retired by Nkrumah for security reasons, was before that sacking recruited by the US government to spear-head the coup as far back as 1964. That was 2 years before the Akosombo Dam/VRA project was commissioned by Kwame Nkrumah. You certainly know about Nkrumah’s project for Ghana’s industrial lift-off. Before that, Tema Township, Tema Harbor, and VALCO, among other many facilities, had already been constructed as fundamental pillars for “Project Industrial Ghana”.

Imagine, Ankrah would be fired from the NLC-traitor-junta not long after, for taking bribes from some Nigerians.

So, for us, it is all about Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s legacy to Ghana. It is all about Unitary-Ghana, the greatest legacy bequeathed to Ghana by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The problem with the Danquah-Busia-NLC-United Party(UP)-New Patriotic Party(NPP) confederate cohort, among them Attorney Dr. Samuel Adjei Sarfo is, they do not appreciate or care for the difference. In 2015, we defend the Nkrumah legacy for what Nkrumah and his CPP did, and still represent for Ghana.

And we defend Ghana, non-partisan, Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud!

On the other hand, we’ve never argued that Nkrumah had a perfect record. Or that the Prevention Detention Act (PDA) was totally necessary in the absence of strident opposition reactionaries with bombs and molotov cocktails, threats to property and to the life of Ghana’s leaders, abetted by morale and financial support by foreign governments.

Or that the Life Presidency Nkrumah assumed was ideal for Ghana even then, either!

But, who among the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-NPP (and the Rawlings group of opportunists) can claim today that Ghanaians could not have solved that problem through political means? You know, the same means Nkrumah used to acquire the votes for Life President. Thus our imperative for our strident critique of the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-NPP clique and their wretched “sitting on your neck” proverb.

In an essay by Attorney Dr. Samuel Adjei Sarfo, one (1) among several resident online lawyers, the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-NPP lawyer talked about how people on the internet (World Wide Web), are a special class (a privileged class). Maybe, he was thinking the people in that “special class” are educated; that they earn higher incomes; that they have travelled; that they reside outside Ghana; that they have shipped cars and cars, and loads and loads of stuff to Ghana. You know, the latter accomplishment we’ve been told Nkrumah, as a student, never could do in the United States of the 1940s.

The reader can put two and two together to see the absurdity!

For us, it is elementary. If, a member of a “special class, a privileged class”, then we’d expect a modicum of responsibility to assist others, assist those who are not in that “privileged class”. In that case, assistance is logically about resources, data, information, and knowledge they otherwise would not know, or get.

Reckon that Ghana’s Dum-Sor goes all the way back to the NPP administration, and further. To the point, we do not imagine there are many average Ghanaians today who can “troll” the internet to gather data, facts, and information about events on Ghana that were destroyed, sold, or gifted away by Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP Confederates (and by follow-on Mr. Jerry “Accountability” Rawlings opportunists.

When the People ain’t got no electricity even to see, to eat, or to think, they surely ain’t got no time for trolling the internet for buried and hidden data. You know, precisely the data the “heroes” of Attorney Dr. Samuel Adjei Sarfo and his comrades in the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-NPP groups who overthrew Nkrumah, could not help but burn, destroy, and hide!

But, there is good news this Internet-Age!

The good news is the internet is an information/data/knowledge equalizer. Even village idiots can tell the internet is a library, and more. To paraphrase one American technological genius, during the time of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, one could literally fit every book of knowledge about the world in one (1) room in a “library” in Virginia (or Washington). Try fitting just the knowledge about Ghana, even after all the burning and looting of the Nkrumah legacy resources, in one (1) library in Accra (or Kumasi).

Today, no one in Ghana has to travel or fly to the British Library in Accra, or make furtive, clandestine visits to foreign embassies to learn anything or to get paid in dollars (or pound sterling) for treasonous political activities. In fact, today, when Attorney Dr. Adjei Sarfo makes a telephone call, chances are he is trolling the internet, whether he knows it, or likes it.

But, there must be power in Texas to be on the internet, fundamentally!

Just as there must be power in Accra or Kumasi, if one lives in Ghana. Then one must have time to “troll the internet”. Then, one must already have a job. And one must have been paid, which a lot of Dum-Sor-private sector employees, and public sector employees workers can say little about these days!

For Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud reasons, we will continue to present data and information about the true Ghana record in history! And we will do it in a non-partisan way, with equal measure, Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud. When it fits the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-PP-NPP heads, they must wear it. When it fits the P/NDC-NDC heads, they must wear it. When it fits the Public Administrator/Judge’s head, they must wear it, too!

Further, we say this in particular: Nothing prevents the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-PP-NPP folks from presenting to people on these forums the truth about their idols and what they’ve done on the record. But, whatever they write, it must all be true. They cannot fabricate like the stuff found on “GhanaDistrict”. Talking about the so-called “First Military/Police Administration”. It was the The First Military/Police/Civilian Dictatorship, for crying out loud! Or, those Dr. Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe propaganda pseudo-historical essays. No critical, objective, and fair-minded professor, student (or village idiot, even), will believe much of that, anyway.

To tell the world that your great-great-grand-father or whatever, a person who never won an election in his own backyard, was/is the doyen of Ghana politics; or that he invented “Ghana”, among other “inventions”; or that this person from your ethnic group is the greatest thing that ever happened to Ghana. All of that means diddly-squat to the balanced mind. In fact, there is no hook to detain their teeth, let alone capture their fair intellects hook, line and sinker.

It is all air, and lots and lots of confederate, anti-Unitary-Ghana air!

Significantly, in mightily important and solemn respects, they (the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-PP-NPP ) fell flat exactly 1 (one) month ago when they made their case with those Bawumia PowerPoint slides demanding a “New Electoral Register” without saying how it must all be funded.

So, this is our unabashed, straight-forward, Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud homage to Ghana’s premiere administrator and philosopher, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Djan!

As far as we can recall, they used to teach, “IF…..Then” in those Nkrumah secondary schools that many of these latter day Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-PP-NPP cohorts attended, including Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. It would not matter if they attended Tamale Secondary, Prempeh College, Sunyani Secondary, Achimota College, Bolgatanga Girls Secondary, Agona Secondary, Mawuli Secondary, Koforidua Secondary Technical, Navrongo Secondary, St. Monicas Girls Secondary, Apam Secondary, Ghana Secondary Technical, Asuom Secondary, Ghana National College, Koforidua Secondary, Dormaa Secondary, Abetifi Secondary, Keta Secondary, Abuakwa State College, Nalerigu Secondary, and so forth.

“IF…..Then” !

That is exactly what Dr. Afari Djan said. (Go and check the record again, then see our formal response to Dr. Bawumia).

As we’ve already said, Dr. Bawumia’s PowerPoint case had “a helluva” gas for evidence, than real, objective evidence. So maybe, just maybe, the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-NPP will see fit to respond to our critique of Bawumia, point-by-point, as posted on www.GhanaHero.com.

So, go ahead, make our day. Rubbish our critique of Bawumia in Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud fashion. (See it at all at: www.GhanaHero.com/Visions, under “Prof Lungu Says…”).

To the point, let them tell Ghana why a “10%” partial review of data of questionable sources and permission from Togo ought to seriously influence a decision for an entirely “New Electoral Register” for Ghana. This, an effort that is sure to cost millions of dollar in funds “Struggling-71%-HIPC-Ghanaman” does not have a mere 14 months before a Presidential election.

Goodness, one needs more than twelve (12) months to organize a safe, free, successful concert in just one (1) sports stadium anywhere, especially in Ghana. Just ask Paa Kwesi Nduom about organizing and project management, and the importance of sufficient lead time and resources!

Then, let them also tell Ghana, in Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud fashion why anyone should entertain the idea that after all the expense, time, and effort, that they, the Danquah-Busia-NLC-UP-NPP, will again simply and solemnly accept that process to the Vote, in addition to the results of the Vote, should they lose the election.

What does Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud mean to you, Ghana?

So it goes, Ghana!

1. www.GhanaHero.com/Visions. Read Mo’. Listen Mo’. Learn Mo’.

2. The First Military/Police Administration, http://ghanadistricts.com/home/?_=49&sa=4768&ssa=1477.

By: Prof Lungu
?Prof Lungu is Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud.
Prof Lungu is based in Washington DC, USA.
What Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud Means To Us!
Brought to you courtesy www.GhanaHero.com?19 Sep 15.

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