Today, I can emphatically say that, many people in the media have not the appetite to write or discuss issues on radio, or other media outlets. My friends who frequent the social media platforms are losing the enthusiasm to type on the platforms, Members of Parliament feel lazy dressing up for their parliamentary duties and newscasters also feel lazy executing their job all because, we continually repeat ourselves as a people and seem not ready to change our ways hence, we debate same issues year after year and the ruled and the rulers do same things we always talk about.

To start my post, let me humbly appeal to our elders and political leaders to constantly check their young men who post damnable things about some of our leaders. I always say, we must remember at all times that we have aliens amongst us and they will respect us based on how we carry ourselves as citizens.

This evening, I received a message from someone the nation may think I have been hard on, he just typed ?Ohenenana, I have checked from Yemo son of Kojo Sardine and he confirmed information gathered about you. You are my blood relation and very proud of you, I have been reading your write ups and can only say you are doing a good job though at times tough on your own uncle. I have asked Yemo to come with you to my residence on Sunday after noon, don?t see this invitation as a cross carpet agenda, but purely family affair?.

I was shocked when I got the message but was happy for this country because i foresee some political compromise one day. My founder Jerry Rawlings inspires me a lot, I decided changing my style of writing to a more apolitical and conscious one when i realized my founder Jerry Rawlings read everything i post on the net. His words of inspiration, moved me to another level in my social media activities. He motivates me in many ways and I feel proud to share this. I have enumerated this because of how some persons use vulgar language in talking about the sitting President and some political figures in the country. The social media must be a platform we must use to project our nation, discuss national issues and espouse our political inclinations not the insults and foul language we use.

On my main topic, I got worried when I listened to attacks on Mr. Alban Bagbin all because he has exposed rot in our parliament. We shouldn?t behave like ostriches when it comes to matters like this. Government, is made up of three arms originally, the executive, Legislature and the Judiciary then in modern times the Media. We seem to concentrate all our activities and checks on the executives leaving the legislature and the judiciary to go free with their negative practices.

Today, truth is always buried in our courts because of corruption, from the court clerk to the sitting Judge, it has become a convention for plaintiffs and defendants to offer bribes to decide their faith, this isn?t something we must gloss over, the legislature is another arm where these bad practices take place. The pressure on our MPs inspire them to engage in certain negative practices unknown to the public. What Bagbin said isn?t anything new and i find it difficult to understand how people who go to church every Sunday and visit the mosque everyday would mischievously misinterpret this revelation by playing with words to pin the senior man.

The more these parliamentarians make the issue one of politics, the more they expose themselves to public condemnation and ridicule. I honestly think we must calmly ponder over the revelation and collectively find out why this mess that the politicization of the issue. I can tell you without looking at my shoulder that if the man is pushed people will hear what may send them into their political graves. All the arms of government deserve same surveillance and monitoring, we pretend all is well when we practically face these societal canker all the time.

I heard someone coming from the ruling party tilting towards that diabolic agenda. The party and the whipping system being part of the inter locking pattern of Ghana politics, this attitude totally misunderstand that position. It shows a lack of comprehension to isolate certain sections of this pattern and attributes their form to frailty of over two hundred and seventy five otherwise quite robust and unusually opinionated man. To understand party loyalty, it must be appreciated that most MPs have spent years in their party before election to the House. They have joined it, worked for it and probably stood as candidates once or twice before election.

They identify themselves with Party?s general approach and any serious failure of high policy are personal calamities for them. They may want to change aspect of policy, they may at times disagree with the cabinet or even the President but despite this all Parliamentarians from the ruling party must always wish the party to be successful. You don?t try portray yourself as the wisest amongst your party peers that is dangerous. I had serious reservations with Bagbin?s recent outburst against the President but this time round,i think it is a good call especially coming at the time that the President is hard on corruption in the system.

Ending, I am urging my fellow social media friends to stay focused and begin using the social media effectively, we still have people who write wonderful piece on the net which demand apolitical diagnosis unfortunately, people deliberately shift attention on the main topic for the usual abrasive politics to take over.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow/SpyNewsAgency

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