What let M?am Bea down?

Mam Bea

Beatrice Maame Adjoa Boabeng Oppong, alias M?am Bea, is one of Ghana?s two representatives at the 2014 edition of Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality TV show dubbed Hotshots.Mam Bea

The 25-year-old graduate of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University made it to the BBA finals but did not win.

M?am Bea arrived in Ghana last Wednesday and told NEWS-ONE?s Francis Addo she did not go to the BBA contest to show her nakedness, therefore she never showered naked.

She also spoke about the issue of picking Ghanaian representatives from South Africa instead of Ghana, her stay in South Africa and how she felt about returning home the first time after she left.

How long have you lived in South Africa?

It?s been 10 years. I haven?t been home since I left in 2005. But I am not lost. I still know my root. I speak my languages?Fante, Twi and Ga. I still speak them, so I am not lost at all as you may think.

Do you speak any South African language?

I know a couple of them. I know Xhosa; they do a lot of sounds. I know that one from the Eastern Cape.

Who is M?am Bea?

M?am Bea is a simple person, very humble, God-fearing, forgiving and also a fashion designer. I also did Management in Finance in the university, graduated last year and was acting training manager. I was doing my internship at the time when the opportunity came for me to go to Big Brother.

Tell me a little about your fashion brand.

Well I do sketches and when there are events and people want me to design something, I do that and I organise the sowing. So for me I look at all types of people. You know I am mostly focused on ladies? wear, from wedding gowns to traditional and casual wears. These are things that I look at.

Why Big Brother?

Big Brother is a platform for success; you get to showcase your talent and also your personality. So for me going there is all because of my fashion dream which I believe Big Brother has opened the door for me to exhibit or let me say to showcase talent and go? all out to show people that I am capable of also making it out there.

Any links yet?

So far I haven?t gotten any call in connection with that but I am not someone who is going to now sit and wait for calls. You have to go all out there.? For me, it?s really all about pushing. That?s what I will be doing. Come January, I will be doing something with Elikem and so I?m going to meet up with Elikem to come up with something for January. So I am not sitting and waiting. I am going to be doing things myself but if opportunities come I will grab them.

Exactly what do you want to do with Elikem??

It?s a fashion show. Since Elikem has been in the Big Brother house before and he is also a fashion designer, it is good to connect with him.

Generally, what was the experience in BBA?

It was great. It was challenging. You have to be psychologically ready because there might be personalities that you can?t deal with and these things will push you to the wall. So if you are psychologically ready, you will be able to survive till the last day.

How did you take the shower moments?

I never showered naked. It?s a decision I made. Values, morals, reputation, all those things are things you look at. It wasn?t all about the money. You make certain decisions and you stick to them. When you go into that house, people will shower naked but it?s all up to you and the decisions you made before going into the house. So for me it wasn?t challenging. I wasn?t influenced. I went there, did what I had to do. Those that made their mind to come shower naked did what they had to do. So we are all two different people at the end of the day. So for me shower moment wasn?t challenging. I know where I am coming from and where I am going in life so those are all things that I have to look around the whole Big Brother issue.

Did you enter Big Brother with a game plan?

No, I just went there as me. There are different personalities coming, so going in with a game plan, you don?t know how people will take that; or you think you are playing this person but all you know, someone is smarter than you. But if you go as you, naturally you will be able to pick up on certain personalities and how you work around that.

What were your down moments in the house?

I never really had down moments in the house because I was always up and about. But I will say my down moment was when we were like few of us. By then most of our activities had to come to an end except for our training sessions and meetings here and there. Sometimes the house was quiet, people were sleeping a lot because we were only few and the energy level wasn?t that high. That will be like the down moments towards the end of the show.

Did anybody?s attitude in the house get on your nerves?

No, because people go there to do what they want to do. The house is not ours, so you can?t control someone by telling them that they shouldn?t behave in a certain way. It is not in my place to do that. So if you are logical, you will know that if someone is sleeping, you are not supposed to be making noise or take your noise level somewhere else. Really you don?t need to be told that. But if someone is doing that, I?m not now going to come and say no no no, this one is sleeping so go and do this.

Did you fall in love with any of your housemates?

No, I didn?t find anybody in that house that way. I saw everybody as a brother. ?In all honesty, I was not attracted to anybody.

Which part of Ghana do you come from?

I am based in Tema Newtown. My mum comes from Mankessim. I grew up in Tema. I left for South Africa when I was 15. That was 2005. I was then in JSS 3 and I was about to write Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE), Manhyia SDA School in Tema.In South Africa, I was at the Eastland Science College at the Eastern Cape, from there I moved to the University which is Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth.

How was the feeling like returning to Ghana after 10 years?

I was excited. The kind of messages I was getting from fans, it was amazing and I know there are a lot of things lined up for me. It is amazing being here.

What?s your opinion on Big Brother picking Ghanaians in South Africa?

?I think that was also a good move because there are a lot of Ghanaians out of the country. The fact that we are out of the country doesn?t mean we should be excluded from certain things. We will all love to come to Ghana for such things if the opportunity is given. But if you don?t have the funds to travel, you cannot obviously come home even though it is something you would want to participate in. So I think that is an eye opener. There are some good Ghanaian representatives outside Ghana. So that is the challenge that we are facing. So I think every Ghanaian deserves an opportunity. The fact that we are not in Ghana doesn?t mean that we should be excluded.

Is M?am Bea married?

M?am Bea is single.

What are your hobbies?

I like sketching. I do that a lot but I love reading, watching movies and spending time with the family.

Which fashion designers and actors do you look up to?

I will say Elikem. Coming to the Big Brother house with some great designs, I think there are a lot of good things he will be doing in terms of the fashion industry. He?s got the brains and the creativity. So I will say Elikem. With the actors, aside those I have already mentioned, I like Ini Edo, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Mercy Johnson.

Thanks for your time.

You are welcome.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50 Email: fdee500@yahoo.com)

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