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What The COP21 Paris 2015 Hold: A Deadline or a Lifeline?


…….. World Leaders do not kill us , Enough is Enough!!

By Joseph Senyo Kwashie

The world Health Organization estimates that harmful climate change effect on health could trigger unprecedented loss of lives where across the world over millions of people could suffer life-long climate related toxic that contributes to a range of chronic illnesses and acute health impacts such as pneumonia, bronchitis, cataracts, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, low birth weight, and burns.

The world cannot wait any longer on climate change and its impacts on health remain crucial, with world leaders planning to release their ambitious plan to decide the fate and future of our planet, the teaming effect of climate change on health cannot be ignored either. The SDGS conference which is slated for September 25-27, 2015 in New York and the much waited 17 strong sustainable Development Goals have a direct ramification on lives and properties. Already in Nepal, Haiti, Niger, Ghana, East to West, South to North. the Caribbean and other nations are yet to recover from the shocks associated with devastating nature of climate change on health after the most recent past disasters they faced with loss of lives and thousands exposure to the incidence of malaria, cholera and other related ill health emergencies.

I dare ask, is United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP 21) a DEADLINE OR a LIFELINE? It looks promising but without the right and perhaps strict adherence to the needs of the voiceless, few people could make and unmake the future of our planet unbearable, where their personal interest will likely take a center stage instead of inclusiveness and well binding commitment. We have been faced with the consequences of the Financing for Development Conference which has been held recently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 13-16 July, 2015 resulting into dead lock due to stolen verdict.

With climate change giving the 13 slot on the scale of the SDGS goals roll out speak volumes of the urgency that ought to be placed on the climate decision table. Dragging of feet?s are no longer the answer we seek but rather policies should come with actions that touch lives positively. Supports should be granted to countries, civil society actor?s efforts; quicker investment and real time support with long term frame work counts. These will in the long run help nations to meet the emerging challenges and invariably foster the building blogs to addressing climate change.

Ahead of COP21 PARIS November, 30th- 11th December, 2015, civil society groups have comb the length and breadth of the earth to collect the views and aspirations of the voiceless, well-articulated in plain language to the latter but strokes of pens can erode all the efforts exerted into these exercises. No more excuses as evidences of climate changes effects have been well documented for the past 200 years more than any concerned atrocities till date. What then is our world leader waiting for? We have the solutions right under our finger tips and know what to do. Do not take us back to the litter bin? We cannot wait to record other staggering figures of death and health related chaos before we act. Lives must be valued and if we value it we must be prepared to invest the needed resources to turn the fortunes of the planet around.

Let?s be what we say and sincerely aspire for the best in the interest of collective development and not the decision by the few syndrome. World leaders please do not kill us or break our hearts again. Enough is enough! Let your voice be heard, we care about the reflection of your statement in COP21 PARIS 2015 to put a beaming smile on the faces of the once lost ones. Do not take us millions of years back to our feet, keenly frustrated and highly despair than ever before.

At least our generations have played their part by making known to you what we want and what kind of world we want to bequeath to the next generations, thus, these same next generations will not forgive you if you failed them again and again. Better stay awake and let COP21 PARIS 2015 arrive at a conclusive end that will have positive effect on all across the globe. We will be dead but alive if we sell our conscience for a penny that will not take us anywhere. Climate change and its rippling effects stares us right in the face and this is the time we must rise to the challenges knowing well that healthy people make healthy planet indeed.

By Joseph Senyo Kwashie(bossbig24@gmail.com)

Executive Director

Community And Family Aid Foundation-NGO (Ghana)

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