What Will Make A Black Man Hate His Brother This Much? – Lydia Forson Asks

Xenophobic attacks on Ghanaian
Xenophobic attacks on Ghanaian

The xenophobic attacks on immigrants including Ghanaians in South Africa are attracting attention from Ghanaians on social media.

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson expressed her total shock about the unfortunate developments happening in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng in Durban on her Facebook page.



I think we as Africans have a long way to go, and it begins with the emancipation of our minds from mental slavery.

Because there?s nothing more dangerous than a mind trapped in a cell with no ability to function on its own without an external force.

Unfortunately that is what a lot of us as Africans, and perhaps black people all over the world continue to suffer from.


There?s someone sitting somewhere with a cigar in hand and on a very expensive probably LV couch looking on and saying with a smirk ? look at these fuckers, they still don?t get that we no longer have to beat them to a pulp or force them to do anything, nope, we fucked with their brains so much now they fuck themselves without us asking them to?.

Because what will make a black man hate his brother this much?

Especially one who is of the same skin colour and of the same continent more than another who is not of the same colour, not of the same land and oppressed him for years on end?

Weird I know.Xenophobic attacks on Ghanaians_opt Xenophobic Attacks On Foreigners: What Will Make A Black Man Hate His Brother This Much? Lydia Forson Asks Xenophobic attacks on Ghanaians opt

But you see, if you tell a child enough times that they?re stupid, chances are they will believe it eventually.


Use the same method they used to make us believe we?re stupid, to make use believe we?re smart.

Hammer it enough times and who knows, we just may believe it and start to live it.

Maybe it won?t happen in my time, but hey it took them hundreds of years to make us this way, so hopefully eventually we will get it.

Ah well, what do I know. Maybe I?m just ranting.

And maybe it?s not a black issue, but I find it amusing that we continue to find reasons to constantly hate and fight everyone except the ones who?ve actually hurt and committed crimes against us( not to say violence of any nature is justified).

Again what do I know huh? I just dey my place.


Source: GhanaGist.Com

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