What You Really Need to Kick-Start Your YouTube Channel in 2021: Matt Par

Matt Par
Matt Par

Starting a YouTube channel could seem like a daunting task. While you may think it’s an uphill task, it is quite simple to get started. To start a YouTube channel, you would require a Google account and some essential equipment. Matt Par, the 20-year-old YouTube expert, began his journey on the platform without a camera, by focusing on a faceless niche. Hence, you will need different types of equipment depending on the content you want to create.


According to Matt Par, “You can begin your channel with some medium-quality equipment and upgrade to high-quality gear once you start cashing in on your content.” So, here are the basic things you need:


A viable camera


You can use a smartphone or a webcam, to begin with. However, Matt Par recommends using a high-quality camera, so your content is easy on the eyes. This does not mean purchasing the most expensive device — you can use a decent camera that can generate videos of at least 1080p. You can upgrade to a superior quality DSLR after gaining some experience on the platform. Going all-out on your equipment, in the beginning, would be your decision as it will be a one-time investment.


Add a microphone


A mic can do wonders for your video’s audio quality and capture sounds in the best possible way. There are three basic types of mics – USB, condenser, and lapel. The USB microphone is popular among YouTubers as it allows them to simply plug and play. It precisely captures voice and background sounds. The condenser mic focuses more on the speaker’s voice and is best for vocalists, close-range speakers, and instrument players. The lapel mic is a boon for YouTubers who record outdoors as it is wireless and capture’s the speaker’s voice clearly, even amid distorted background noises.


Do not forget a tripod


YouTubers need a tripod to hold their recording equipment in place. Even though you might think that a few books and boxes would do the trick, it is better to invest in a tripod as it will help you record good videos both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, tripods are affordable and easily available.


Editing software to finish the job


Lastly, you need editing software that you can use with ease. YouTube also has an excellent inbuilt editor, which you can leverage. Matt mentions, “Your YouTube audience is likely to switch to another video if they don’t like how your content is presented. This is why, if you’re not an editor, outsourcing the task is the best option.”


Anyone passionate about content creation can become a YouTuber. Just collect your basic supplies, activate your YouTube account and start uploading. However, once you go live, you must keep uploading content at regular intervals. To ensure consistency, Matt Par suggests that you create a bank of videos before you start the uploading process.

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