The above heading may sound or look like one of those ancient novels or script of a 21st century Hollywood fiction movie yet to be released come November 7th 2016.

wpid-Mr20Enoch20Teye20Mensah.jpgBut one will not be equally surprised to hear the above being said by one man who could be described as angry, livid, cross, heated and fuming with rage over a constituency primary dubbed Uncle and Nephew contest which ended in controversies and still being challenged. Yes your guess is right, I am talking about a former Minister of Sports, a former Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing and Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram Constituency Enoch Teye Mensah.

Samuel Dzata George may have had great family relationship and working relationship with a man he called his uncle but those may remain fond memories if nothing is done to replant or straitened a fallen family tree as a result of youthful exuberant motivated kind of quest to become a legislator.

This is so because Mr. Enoch Teye Mensah, a Hat loving man who is affectionately referred to as ET Mensah does not, emphasis mine, DOES NOT want to speak, or hear the name Sam George in any conversation between him and any soul. I cannot independently tell how long he intend to remove the name Sam George from his future discussions but what I can confirm now is uncle ET is not ready anytime soon to share any conversation involving the name Sam George, not even in writing. You are asking how I know about this, let me let it out in a form of dialogue for you.

This was what transpired between Honourable Enoch Teye Mensah and the host of news and current affairs program Ghana Dadwen on Onua fm Bright Kwesi Asempa.

Asempa: So honourable let us go to the constituency now
ET Mensah: ok
Asempa: how is the constituency doing after the primaries?
ET Mensah: oh everything is fine, although not as one would imagine
Asempa: ohhh ok, that is fine.
ET Mensah:hmm
Asempa: How about Sam George?

ET Mensah: hey, hey I don’t want to talk about that boy, no please please, I don’t want to discuss him at all. I brought that boy up with my own hands, but that boy has turned out to be something else. No I won’t, devil incarnate. Asempa, everybody has a Judas and in due course …….
Asempa: that is fine honourable I will not go there

ET Mensah: yes let us not talk about that boy. He thinks he can turn and bite a hand that fed him? I am waiting on the elders of the party. But I don’t want to talk about him
Asempa: but honorable, I was at your area over the weekend and from what I am hearing it looks as if the people on the ground want you to go independent…..even before the question ended
ET Mensah:oh who are those saying that? Let me tell you, I am one of the founding fathers of the NDC and I have been with this party ever since. Under no circumstances will I now jump ship, for what? We and some cadres were with Chairman Rawlings in the beginning and we have seen it all and gone through all, it is not time to say I want to leave the NDC, NO there is nothing like that and nobody can come to me to even discuss that with me. The people of my constituency have been done great injustice but we are on it. The elders are looking at my petition. Please let us not think like that.
Asempa: ohh ok but will you help the party?

ET Mensah: I am a member of the NDC and I will always be there to help my party. Can we move on?
Well, from the above discourse, it is clear (1)uncle ET Mensah is not thinking of leaving the National Democratic Congress, a party he helped formed, at least not now or at all, (2) the family or working relation between him and Sam Dzata George is now on the ice and will need a lot of heat to thaw and (3) in the event that the outcome of the petition does not go in favor of uncle ET, he may adopt “do it let see” attitude and that can cause the seat to change hand come November/December 7th…..I am not claiming to be Ben Ephson.
So Mr. Enoch Teye Mensah one of the three wise men, has been representing the people of Ningo/Prampram since 1992 with interesting results. Walloping any candidate that stood on the ticket of the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). The differences are evidence that it will be an arduous task or better still an exercise in futility to try to predict doom for “Ningo/Prampram Mugabe” (borrowed though). Let us look at the statistics since the inception of democratic elections.
Enoch Teye Mensah- NDC 18,339 71.5%
Abed Tawiah Okorno -NPP 6,196 24.1%
Enoch Teye Mensah NDC 15,677 56.10%
Desmond Nene Quaynor NPP 1,569 5.60%
Enoch Teye Mensah NDC 12,206 78.00%
Gwendolyn Sarah Addo NRP 1,463 9.40%
Enoch Teye Mensah NDC 17,179 71.70%
Samuel Carboo Martey NPP 6,782 28.30%

Enoch Teye Mensah NDC 18,339 71.47%
Abed Tawiah Okorno NPP 6,196 24.15%
Enoch Teye Mensah NDC 21,178 54.06%
Sylvester Tetteh NPP 17,122 43.71%
Is victory at a glance for the persistent candidate of the New Patriotic Party in the Ningo/Prampram constituency Sylvester Tetteh against ET Mensah, should the petition go on his favor or NDC will run away with another victory with Sam Dzata George, which will solidify Sam George’s campaign mantra of “it is time for the youth to take over”. Spare a thought.

Source; Bright dzakah.


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