The exploitation of user data along with their personal information and Behavioral advertising altogether have urged the need for the adoption of new tracking law for the web browser developers and internet companies, who so long has been raking a huge moolah  . Now according to this law, no internet browser will entertain any third party website or application to track the browsing history of the user and their personal identities and information. The privacy legislation policy passed by the Federal U.S Government will now obstruct the third party companies from accumulating, using and selling of user information. With the adoption of the “Do Not Track” policy, the user can have full control over his online activities and can browse the internet extensively without the fear of being tracked.  This policy has been introduced by the Federal Trade Commission of U.S along with the World Wide Web Consortium to protect the privacy of an online user.

 Adaption of this policy will not only protect user’s privacy from being tracked by the third party companies, but will also delight their browsing experience extensively.  According to the demand of this policy, all third party companies  and social networking websites , such as face book, twitter or Google plus and Orkut should alienate themselves from web tracking and allow the users to browse the internet without any hesitation, with full control over their personal data online.

Social sites should avoid digging on the user’s personal detail and online activities. However, with the adoption of this new legislation, now the users would be able to keep a track of how their online data gets manipulated, thereby stopping such malpractices.

 All major browsers, with no exception to Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Mountain Lion operating system must adopt this policy in order to provide the users with utmost online privacy.

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