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Where Islamic Scholars got Zakat or Charity wrong?

Holy Quran

Zakat Based on Quran and Conscience versus Questionable Hadiths and Scholars.

Zakat is a special form of time based Charity and the time based aspect has hidden wisdom that should be deeply reflected on. It is generally accepted it is to purify the wealth of the givers, but what is it to the receivers? There are good and some vague hints, from the Quran, on how to give Zakat on some forms of wealth, but why were significant aspects of zakat wealth left out of the Quran? I believe to give room for conscience (God’s direct inspirations) to change even the percentage based on times. There are other forms of charities in Islam and life, but Zakat is very special compare to other charities in religions, so the wisdom of it is primarily mass significant uplifting of the poor, beyond the financially poor. Ch. 91 and common sense remind us ‘purifying conscience leads to success ‘, thus purifying conscience is even higher than purifying wealth. The most conscientious wealthy person is not exempted from Zakat, partly because of gratitude and the dues of the poor under the giving Lord. The financial aspect of Zakat is where I believe conscientious scholars should deeply study and confront the questionable scholars standing, in the spirit of ch.103. When the Quran gave solid hints on how to give Zakat on cattle and mainly grains, but left out finance, some other forms of produce, oil, and other raw materials, it significantly caters for the future, conscience of ch.91, and ch.103 to avoid being counted among the loss and failing.

Once we agree the Quran was not owed to humankind, but a special mercy, then it automatically begs the question ‘what is the Original test of Humankind’? Conscience. So what is conscientious Zakat is as vital as what is Quranic Zakat, but what is conscientious Zakat is even higher than what is low scholars’ recommended Zakat. The Angels left out certain things in the Quranic hints for good reasons, to choose ever rising conscience towards eternal heaven. Since conscience has levels and ch.103 demands we conscientiously ‘exhort each other to Truth and patience’, we should humbly suggest, not impose.

Before delving on where we may disagree, we may want to remind each other where we agree and introduce non-Muslims on who should get Zakat. From the chapter that is coincidently named after repentance, [Quran 9:60] Charities (Zakat) are for the poor, and the destitute, and those who administer them, and for reconciling hearts, and for freeing of the oppressed (slaves), and for those in debt, and in the path of God, and for the traveller in need—an obligation from God. God is All-Knowing, Most Wise. ‘ In this astute list, The wise Lord essentially recommended some form of an NGO that must conscientiously include how the wealthy should help free the oppressed.

I will not quote much on where the Quran is specific, because I am not interested in suggesting any change on such, but the percentage of financial Zakat is not specified in the Quran and I deeply question the standing of mainstream Scholars. Presently, most Islamic Scholars claim about two point five percent to five percent of financial wealth as Zakat. I think that percentage is too small, especially for millionaires and billionaires. Based on our present times, I recommend a minimum of ten to twenty percent for millionaires; and ten to thirty percent for billionaires. Yes, I have reflected on the arguments of the scholars that Finance have trickle down theory and how governments of our present age are taxing or even over taxing at times, but the rich must conscientiously remember the Enriching God, the poor+, and the very questionable governments the rich can influence than the poor.

First we must smartly define poor based on our times, at national and international level, on ownership and annual income. Governments primarily have the task, but Islamic scholars in each country should do that or how do you want the ordinary Muslim to determine who is poor, poorer, or poorest? I am yet to hear from a government official or religious scholar to state a figure as poverty line in the Gambia and how many countries wait on u.s for such? During the prophet’s time, owning about ten thousand dollars was rich and required payment of Zakat. In the Gambia and many countries, if you own less than hundred thousand dollars (House value+) and/or make under twenty five thousand dollars a year, I consider you poor; however that may not mean you are exempted from Zakat if there are poorer ones or you happen to manage to keep even thousand dollars in the Bank or xyz. If your debts are one billion dollars and your properties worth hundred billion dollars, can you argue ‘you are in debt’ , you should not pay Zakat or should be paid as per ch9.60′? Again, the book of hints demand conscientious interpretation. So regardless of what myself or other Islamic scholars may recommend, you know yourself much more, know your surrounding, and have a conscience you can purify and use.

At international level, those making over hundred thousand dollars, annually, are not generally poor, and should seriously consider the ten percent Zakat a farmer with twenty thousand dollars value of grain may pay. Value can be vague and reasonable, but percentage matters in the world of conscience. I cannot tell a farmer whose crops worth is about ten thousand dollars to pay ten percent, because the Quran states so; then tell the person who makes hundred thousand dollars or millions a year to pay five percent for the poor, based on a scholars’ opinion . I once lived in the west and was once making above average working (not business) Canadian, and considered myself poor, but was I really poor? I did not own a house , was partly in debt, and we know how western taxes operate. That nice income was for few years, emerging from debt before I pay Zakat… May be we should talk about net income instead of gross income — After direct taxes income and before expenses you can control . So when you make about hundred thousand dollars a year in Canada or xyz as worker, government will take at least fifteen to twenty thousand dollars, plus other indirect taxes. Start to think about what percentage of that the poorer ones directly deserve before you think about indirectly deserve or will get. Even if you are donating it to an NGO that urges or tries to free the poor from government and super rich folks, seriously consider it. Every dime you and the poor farmer spends may indirectly help the working poor, but Zakat is about Direct help and significantly.

Transparent and verifiable Zakat is Best: Although you are free to give Zakat to those you know to be deserving, I think more centralised verifiable Zakat giving is best. It is vital to note that the percentage in the Quran is minimum requirement, so giving extra at the time of Zakat is much better. In our computer age and needed mandatory addressing, statistics, etc, we can surely establish verifiable Zakat. There are three types of help, Namely: Free smile (small gifts), rescue, and open chance. So Zakat is preferably to be open chance type of help, meaning it should be huge and in the world of learning and working opportunities. Good governments should consider tax breaks for the NGOs, Businesses, and Individuals who transparently give Zakat. My name is mr. Adama Barrow or xyz, although my recommended Zakat amount may be lot less, I am giving out hundred thousand dollars as Zakat this year. I will give twenty percent to xyz charity which specialises on educating orphans; I will give twenty five percent to Modou Barrow, my poor Brother/cousin to see if he can start a business or side business to go help the working poor; I will give another twenty five percent to ten people (unemployed, under employed, or below poverty line ) I do not want to name, but they are free to declare it; etc. This is a great example because governments can choose where to give tax breaks, and NGOs can choose who and how to give, preferably within a month. It has inspiring hints and imagine thousands or millions doing similar on TV, Radio, and Social media, how we learn from each other matters much more than other possible influences. It is not a sin to remind people that doubling or tripling your Zakat dues is best around Zakat time, but make sure in affordable ways, because the Quran and common sense frown at over giving, not just under giving. If you are a millionaire or billionaire who was giving out about 2.5% for years, then consider about ten fold of that for few years.

When: The when aspect of Zakat is smart and special, it allows mass uplifting, harvest time for the poor or call it voluntary stimulus package. By asking the richer folks to help within a month, it raises the amounts for possible permanent lift from poverty and into job creation. Of course, you are not forbidden to help the poor at other times, but all help are not equal. When you give thousand, I give hundred dollars, someone else gives five hundred dollars, etc it can surely amount to possible business opportunity. When we truly classify helps, we can see significant difference between free smile and open chance: Adama Barrow giving Modou Barrow hundred or thousand dollars every month or now and then is significantly different from giving him lot less every month and give him big (twenty-five thousand dollars) one time in a year. Of course, education (iqrah) is vital even in the world of Zakat. Some of the poor are in hell and may only go in deeper hell unless they change ways, mindset+. Modou Barrow may become a millionaire, go marry more wives or do worse, but those are assumptions or speculations against a perfect example. Even if ten ‘modou Barrows’ became richer, the ten ‘modou Barrows’ who may fail will support which businesses and will their givers be lower in God’s sight? Next year, Adama Barrow can give the about twenty five thousand dollars to Abou or Fatou Barrow , who may do better than Modou. Giving about five to xyz percent of your wealth to a poor family member who deserves or once deserved ten or xyz from you through inheritance is smart and kind, especially if that someone would have taken care your children or xyz if you died.

How: There are advantages and disadvantages to how we distribute Zakat. Too many people are under the illusion of small amounts to many people as best. Whereas it is vital for every poor to have something, it is even more vital to some to significantly have and be uplifted from poverty. So both personal and NGOs distributing Zakat should try to significantly give big to some poor folks based on merit, working age, or proposals… An NGO working on Zakat should have a thin staff year round or just about three months. Collect information on who you should help, collect Zakat wealth from, and distribute within a month. Then go back to work or give advises and follow up on those you give big to a possible educative report, not human judiciary proceedings…

Who: The list in ch9:60 is an amazing list, that people can study. We use the word poor as the general recipient of Zakat, but the verse breaks it down to almost anything money can judiciously help on . Listing things like destitute and those in debt are good hints. The poor rather than poor Muslims, then Listing ‘reconciling of hearts (minds)’ can mean giving to the poor Christians, atheists, or xyz can have what effects? ‘Freeing knecks’ was primarily interpreted as freeing of human slaves, but I think it means freeing of the oppressed, up to freeing of animals’ necks… If the Zakat money of Just Saudi or Gulf Billionaires and millionaires agreed on the ten or more percent I conscientiously propose, it can easily amount to over hundred billion dollars, annually, to eradicate poverty. We can easily finance the ‘ over billion trees in Africa Within five years’ idea I recently wrote about. Trying to do it publicly on TV like we do on Ramadan, festivals (eid), inviting rich Christians+ to join our Marathon Zakat fund raising, rich companies, etc will help beyond atom’s weight and God will certainly pay. Of course we can do other continents too. The word Jannah means Garden and that is a big hint on the power and blessings of plants, which science (iqrah) is reaffirming is the highest blessing of humans on earth. So I am not opposed to about fifty percent of Zakat to be in poor Muslim countries, but sponsoring male or female soccer world Cup is not my priority, at the moment. Of course after fulfilling dues in conscientious manners, I have no problem if you spend billions on what you deem fit, but let the wealth of questionable oil Wells and billionaires be urged to pay at least ten percent as Zakat.

The OIC should have solid plans on eliminating hunger and other forms of poverty in largely Muslim countries. You can list what you are doing, but humbly listen to the best of Muslims in the spirit of ch.103. You can tell us you move tons of meat towards poor countries, but how much easier and effective it would have been if every pilgrim was urged to sponsor enough trees that will help feed the people and the cattle? Choose a recommended number of trees as minimum for annual planting, direct planting or sponsor trees for feeding of the poor. You can claim you finance Roads+ in the Gambia to host OIC and the trickle down theory of finance that hardly exist, but study ways that directly help the poor in more efficient ways. Badafos green fence can eliminate world hunger and it came through a conscientious Muslim brother, my very self, but some of you are either blind or refusing to partner up.

Conscience is a universal gift and should be our universal religion. You have read in ch.4:123 that it is not the desires of Muslims or people of the book (Jews, Christians, and others)’ God will Judge by, but justly or conscientiously . As fasting is around the corner, you may fast like the Christians, but when will you conscientiously fast towards the Garden that is free of blood? Some Christians or xyz are repenting, this Muslim and how many Muslims are thanking God for allowing us in to the higher world of plants and praying to go higher? It is very vital to ask what will God teach you through conscience, even if it is one thing that may not be explicitly in the Quran or so called hadiths. Asking conscience first is actually best. How can we purify our conscience , what does that verse truly means in deepest sense, and what the last verse of ch.91 is trying to hint. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun. .

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.

Optional Note:

One of the Richest Saudi Billionaires often comes to my mind in a sad way, because I once read him quoted ‘ I want most of my wealth donated when I die’. It puzzles me what was he thinking, did he read the Quran, and will those who read the Quran remind him crucial verses through ch.103? The Quran (ch.63:10) hints when you are on a dying bed, charity may not be accepted, so how can you bank on charity after death? There is a huge difference between preferred choice, choice, and resort choice. Seek God through preferred choice, taking ten to twenty percent of a wealth that is over billion dollars will never make you broke. Even if it reduces you to millionaire status within decades, know that I am financially poor but happier than many millionaires, billionaires, and when I was making lot more money. This does not mean I hate money or not asking God for it everyday, but it reaffirms God is the ultimate source of Happiness, not financial wealth. Beside happiness, my health and character has immensely improve and may all good rise to the highest possible level and never fall… We are not anti rich folks, I will love to save the poor from earthly poverty, but will love to save the rich and poor from the punishment of God. Since I cannot do such saving directly, then urging and advising is the task I seriously take.

If you want me or xyz to give ten percent of my small farm out to the poor, then please consider ten percent of your oil, gold, or diamond ‘farm’ , twitter shares, or firm to the poor. Ten percent is very reasonable, especially on valuable things that are more than hundred in quantity. If the Quranic hints hovers around ten percent on animals and produce, the bible explicitly mentioned ten percent on money and ch.2 tells us to believe in the best of the bible and other bòoks, then those who listen to conscience can only say ‘we hear and we obey’. The about two to five percent questionable scholars recommended was before Billionaires existed and based on very low conscience, at least compare to our age. Any Imam or media who refuses to echo me towards a more conscientious recommended percentage is probably a criminal. I am willing to debate any scholar on this, especially for millionaires and billionaires. If we rightly pitch it, even if half of the Muslims+ Billionaires comply , we will raise hundreds of billions for the poor and no Good God will punish us, for the Caring God is indeed the inspirer /revealer of every good. Christians and other secular Billionaires may occasionally help, but imagine if it was in one month, with us, and based on the list of ch.9:60 . We are not forbidden to help the sick in their health debts, but if we rightly eat, exercise, remember God in our dealings, etc then we may get higher. Indeed I was a sinner, but the forgiving Lord has immensely forgive me through guidance and achievements, except financial achievements. My finance is down so far, but my health, character, and happiness are higher than I ever expected or even imagined. So may I be honestly grateful and help where I can.

To individual Muslims: It is very vital to learn directly from God through conscience or ch.91 and learn mutually from fellow creatures (beyond Muslims) through ch.103. What is Zakat according to the Quran, using circumspect six of: what, when, how, who, why, and where. What is Zakat according to conscience, before and after the Quran…? What is Zakat according to so called Hadiths and Scholars, then contrast with mine and yours based on reciprocal law and our age? I am not being cruel in asking ten or more percent from the richest. Your riches is partly your efforts, partly God’s help/efforts, partly your workers, and partly your customers. Accordingly, if I was a billionaire , millionaire, or just rich enough, I will truly listen to the God of conscience . A percentage of my Zakat is as God’s or Quran minimally demands. Like supplementary prayers, I will dedicate an other percentage of my zakat to my needy blood family; my workers through raffle, proposals, or xyz; my customers or the general public in similar ways.

Purifying wealth is very understandable and a weird term. Wealth is hardly pure. If you live in places like the west+, you are often partnering with evil governments who are often guilty of deception and indifference to the poorer countries, poorer people, they largely take wealth from through unjust contracts, pressures, and other ills. If you are wealthy in Africa+, you are likely in some form of tax fraud, that may affect the poor and will you dare try challenging the governments towards reasonable taxes? Your workers every where should be grateful of working opportunities, but the gap difference of most millionaires/billionaires and average worker is often too wide to justify. So anyone who truly believes in God understands perfect dues are hard to establish and that means you actually need more purifying in modern finance than farming… If you plant your crops and all the work you do may not be even ten percent compare to what God Directly does , through angels, or through you, so how can it be hard to give ten percent because the one who contributes about ninety percent says so, or you reflect on the needs of the workless or those who suffer a drought In or beyond your country? The rapidly competitive and evolving world of man made products and services can be even more complex, and warrant more efforts of purifying . The environmental impact of wealth demands environmental care beyond what, but every affected who and the owner of those creatures. Yes, reciprocal law may suggest most victims would have taken the opportunity of work , but reciprocal law also demands care and efforts. We all know oil is largely bad for the environment, but if I had an oil well in my home or country, I will likely sell it until I can legally farm hemp or xyz as alternative. We know driving most vehicles have negative impact, but can we walk every distance? Our best bet is balance, avoid unnecessary harm, and remember we owe each other at least truth (kindness)and patience in the spirit of ch.103.

The first humans on earth were Africans and why are we so rich and poor? I will be the first to chastise Africans on what I deem poor efforts on learning and working standards, but Africans are enormously blessed in some ways, even on character. The amount of unemployment in Africa and we manage to have limited crimes and war is mind blowing. Many western countries would have seen huge chaos if they suffer around the poverty and percentage of unemployment and under employment we see in Africa. Of course, nature through plants and our marvellous sun are huge helping agents. The least type of help (free smiles or small gifts) culture is some how helping in Africa. Rescue is the weird type of help that I sometimes wonder if God may accept. People rescue partly to help others, but also because we do not want to see others we love suffer and thus really helping ourselves. Africans are no exception to this, but Africans are arguably worse in providing open chance help. Even the Zakat that was largely meant to be bulky, many African Muslims will avoid making it huge to few recipients, they over break it down. African families will rush to gather money for a sick person, because we do not want to see our family die or even suffer big. I wish we start seeing animals as distant or close family who we should spare for God to give us more… I truly believe eating plants is higher favor than animal meat we ate before un-owed prophets, riding futuristic aircrafts is higher than both using animals and present vehicles we ride and sometimes brag about. The future can be much nicer and the future can start today or any day, but we should seek it, not wait it out … From a traditional Islamic perspective, until you start considering conscience as higher and atom’s weight of efforts or beneficial achievements cannot come except through the Kind Lord, then you may be stuck in a dangerous situation. We must seek God and God’s blessings while alive. We must bravely try to directly listen to God than any so called angel or prophet, but return with humility on how to concur with the best of what the Angels, Prophets, and fellow creatures may offer us in good towards best. The best will always come from God . I love being with people, but no time is like being with God or some call it alone…

Working people versus business people: I think Zakat should be different between working people and business people, just as it is slightly different between the types of cattle owned. Working people with a known salary can calculate based on their after direct tax income, net income. Those on around minimum wage should be exempted from Zakat until you own a house or if you happen to live in a rich country, where conscience demands you give to other parts of the poorer world. Again, if we cannot raise the bar, we should not lower it against the poor. So ten percent even for working people who can conscientiously afford to give. Or how do you expect the unemployed should survive or why verses like ‘despite in need of food, they give’ were narrated for? ‘ Give in a day of hunger’ means time/period of hunger, not necessarily one day of hunger. Business folks have similar tasks, but as the business rises beyond million dollars value and you already owned a house or two, it is absolutely vital to consider at least fifteen percent as Zakat. Just like timing can be collaborative, you should contact like minded business folks to urge governments for tax breaks for the poor and fractional tax breaks for those who directly give to the poor. The word Direct is vital in Zakat and tax break, no trickle down theories, except on education. So after giving ten percent to the poor, how terrible will you want government to give you back any of that? Good governments resist bad demands and urge good options. So about twenty five to fifty percent of the percentage you give beyond the ten percent minimum can be some form of tax break. Meaning, a business that gives hundred million dollars directly to the poor can get twenty five to fifty million dollars in tax break. You may argue which business person will consider that a deal? The business person that values the poor and understands they may help the poor more efficiently than paying to governments that may build roads or xyz as trickle down towards the poor. The business person that understands poor people do contribute to business success , can do more when helped enough, and there is a God who cares about the poor and re-judgement of all choices exist, from individual, business, to government choices . The other business folks who refuse to give will just pay little more towards governments that may build schools or others that may still help, just varyingly. Zakat is one thing that is largely for adults instead of even orphans, meaning to give it big to the one who takes care of the orphans may significantly help than tiny charities many Africans+ brag about. Zakat is not also based on gender, as giver or receiver. It is an annual wealth redistribution, designed for big uplifting of the poor. President XI of China seems problematic , but I truly applaud how he demands the rich to give to the poor, even by reasonable government stipulations. If Saudi Arabia, u.s, and others do similar, using about twenty to fifty percent of such monies towards our ‘over billion trees ‘ then we can eradicate poverty and fight climate change . John Kerry of u.s claims ‘no government have the needed money to fight climate change, private folks does’, and I rectified him as ‘billionaires and millionaires does’, not all private folks. We need ordinary folks to echo the best until mainstream media houses publish and directly urge their counterparts and politicians beyond their borders. If president Barrow or xyz sent this to all his counterparts, mainstream and social media, then The Gambia which was created to end slavery is indeed producing a spirit to end other forms of oppression. I am a spirit of truth that believes all those who are ready to learn and work, should be given opportunity and let God decides the fun world through enough personal rights.

What is Conscientious Zakat percentage on Finance according to Jarga, or xyz conscience? At least ten percent, but could be much higher depending on times. What is Zakat or charity percentage of finance according to the bible or xyz? Ten percent or more as option. What is the percentage of Zakat on produce according to the Quran? Ten percent or more as option. What is the percentage of financial Zakat Based on questionable Scholars and so called hadiths? Please do not let them lower the consistent ten percent against the poor, especially on the rich and super rich. Whatever is not in the Quran, ask conscience, conscience, and conscience before asking what hadiths or scholars claim, then contrast. Just because some questionable folks have a consensus that is echoed by under thinking, non conscientious folks , does not mean you follow or echo forever. Never be among those who claim Islam demands less for the poor and oppressed. Use your conscience and echo me until you hear better. Urge for the feeding of the poor or which book states ‘people will go to hell for not urging for the feeding of the poor ‘? Or reflect on ch.90 among others. Not everyone can feed the poor, but everyone can urge for the feeding of the poor. So give and urge, or at least urge. The Guilty refuse to give or even urge? Your sharing to friends and social media can lead to a Billionaire giving a billion dollar or more and you get how much atom’s weight of it? A billionaire who gives is still required to urge and if his or her urging leads to millions knowing higher truth to act or fellow billionaire to learn and act, then who benefit in and beyond earth in more than how much atom’s weight? May we triumph in and beyond earth.

Optional note 2:

I hereby declare myself as the most truthful person alive or who do you know to be more truthful, and I do not mind to be his or her partner, or even student. Forward it to those you deem more truthful or close to me, and let us form a team under the truthful Lord and spread truth all over the world… I hereby declare myself as the most Kind person alive, or who do you know to be more kind, and I do not mind to be his or her partner, or even student. What is kindness? It must start with fierce opposition to lies and cruelty, including deceptions and indifference. So who do you know who calls for culture of cameras like I do. If only I have one caring multi billionaire as close partner, imagine the transformation example I can do in a country , if not worldwide transformation . Imagine the Badafos green fence or towers we will build, plus educative messages where news mean what should realistically happen , not just what is happening or happened? What is kindness or who do you know strongly urging what will transfer hundreds of billions to the poor, like I do? I hereby declare myself to be around average intelligence, or how little do I know and still capable of learning anything? Everyday the Lord teaches me what I never knew, but some of that was already given to others , some accepted to achievements and some reject in fear, greed, or arrogance… sharing enough knowledge with the poor is indeed higher than sharing food. Sharing working opportunities with adults is higher than questionable aids or free smiles. Then come the questionable whisper of I should been good from day one, rich and give , not just urge . OK! God asked if I , you, or xyz was a billionaire and give huge to the poor will who look down on the poor as useless or failed to do their part? Little we know why some are poor, so honestly advise and avoid looking down on any. Although we largely prefer giving over receiving, is it not possible for a urger or receiver of Zakat to get higher heaven than some givers of Zakat?

How can you fully exhort each other to Truth based on only the messages of the death or did God stop inspiring the conscience, or inspires only to other groups? We do not look down on the death, but we do not look up to them either, we look up to the living Lord for higher guidance, truth, and kindness, not one eye. Yes our acknowledgement of the conscientious messages of the death is our evidence of appreciation and confirming our Lord is one and has given us the baton. ‘Lord of the living
and the death’, inspires the conscience+ of those who gladly purify… Our love for you is real, but only God can decide how much of it may totally reach you or even ourselves. However, we believe humans have the choice to seek and accept good, and no effort in the good route is ever wasted. We wish for speedy achievements and least possible imposed patience on achieving good, but we cannot force God , and not interested in forcing even humans, except to stop lies and cruelty. It is not befitting for humans to desire lording over each other or can an imperfect being demand to be a Lord of another being who may be inspired with something higher? So I declare myself to be the most humble person alive, or who do you know is not interested in over lording over others like me? Who do you know who is willing to have patience on everything we deem stupid ( on personal rights)? It takes huge humility to say let God decides what we deem stupid, but it takes courage and care to want to confront crimes between creatures with words and actions, then words and patience against what we deem stupid.

So indeed part of Zakat can go to worldwide culture of cameras, especially by civilians to confront crimes between creatures and help us study stupidity for solutions. Culture of cameras will ‘free the oppressed’ (9:60), so the oppressors (arrogant) will oppose it and the fearful (cowards) may support the arrogant in ignorance. Our responsibilities to help each other must go beyond free happiness, but food is very basic and only the cruel want to indifferently deny it to the poor. There are many who never go hungry and still poor to deserve help. So ending world hunger is certainly feasible, especially through providing vegan food, which is the only food providing I am interested in giving in this age. I do not support jailing any over animal food, but know that the Lord certainly have the right to punish any over such, especially in our age. He has revealed enough knowledge to turn produce to tasty flavors of different ‘meat’ and ‘seafood’, some of which is yet to reach me. Permanently Fasting from bloody food is indeed one of the mighty favors of my Lord upon me and millions of people , and may it be billions, soon. I called it conscientious fasting , but only to discover it was a favor upon me and certainly thankful for its earthly reward. Accepted traditional ‘Islamic’ fasting may lead to conscientious higher Islamic fasting or heaven on earth+. Fighting for the oppressed marijuana folks has indeed cost me money and even relationship with up to some of my blood family, but God has bestowed me mixed blessings through marijuana. Like anyone, I wished to have it all, but if I largely have it than I dreamed, then gratitude must include ‘proclaiming the blessings of my Lord’, as per ch. 93. Indeed money is nice, everyday we use it some how. Money is nice or will we not thank God if he gives enough of it to us? Money is nice or why He ask us to share it with the poor, or who may gratefully receive it. May he bless us towards total satisfaction, including enough money to give Zakat or roam and find no poor one around us, not just urge its giving. Since millions or billions are still poor, call me a dreamer or join me as worker for the poor at least on urging. May be we choose God as a friend, or did He choose us as friend first, and accepting is easier? Either way, may we be stronger friends and join us with his living grateful friends around the world.

Optional note 3:

If you happen to lose an ‘expensive’ house in hell or great earth, then just try to own a home in heaven or greater earth. After all, is not your body the most personal ‘house or temple of the spirit’? Didn’t God raised your health immensely, from feeling to looks? Didn’t God make your body as source of heaven, and make your mind as source of heaven, in that are among the signs of ‘two heavens’ we promised the believers in ch.55. So look for a high earthly heaven for yourself and for others, then God may give you even higher than you imagine in life after death. Indeed you a of great character and your shortcomings are known, exist to humble you… Their shortcomings are also known, so exhort each other to Truth for possible learning under the God of Truth and Kindness. God is indeed the One who raises your conscience and testing them through you and ch.103. Do not fear not one of them, from the Gambia to u.s, From China to Saudi Arabia, and everywhere on earth. You are not trying to destroy them at all, instead you love them and trying to remind them the old truth, and introducing them to higher kindness that none but the cowards, greedy, or arrogant may deny. You have sacrificed your wealth , time, and risk your own life then and now for a better world than your opponents. We have shown you the u.s have the power to send you drones and you did not fear, then we show you we can also stop their drones or Do worse to them. So speak truth as a worldwide ‘spirit of Truth’ of your time, or didn’t Jesus (pbuh) said, ‘ a spirit or spirits of truth will come” ? Didn’t Muhammad (pbuh) or the angels told them, ‘God teaches the conscience , to purify it, and exhort each other to Truth and patience…’?

Oh Muslims+ of the Earth, do not look for excuses, or I and others may become witnesses against you, and I prefer to be a witness for you. Echo me towards total submission, or at least over seventy five percent of Muslims admitting facts and repenting through actions. If I am not afraid to write it, then why are you afraid to share it, or where is your care to the poor in actions and urgings? By shifting the recommendation from 2.5% to at least 10% , we will raise hundreds of billions for the poor without fight and what will be the effects of such for you and me except, ‘can the reward of good be only good’? Excuses like we do other charities may failed through standards and your best counterparts around the world who do much more. Shift to ten percent minimum as mass big uplifting, even if it means reducing your so called other charities in other times. Oh Bin Salman of Saudi and other so called leaders , and conscientious folks around the world, please echo me and join me on goodness towards the poor and respecting conscience. I did not call you to worship me , but to point to you to the God of conscience who placed us on earth , give us differently and testing us with universal tools or principles. The hypocritical Muslims are not much different from the hypocritical Christians and Jews+ with excuses, but the slightly misled or mistaken ones will repent when truth is revealed. The unborn ones will learn to contrast the claims of both sides. So urge and focus on the percentage that may change, not those who may reject. Let the ordinary folks share it, let journalists, politicians, good religious leaders, and who so ever care share it. The good Angels and Muhammad refer you to conscience where the Quran is specific; myself and every good scholar refer you to conscience even within the Quran; so only questionable scholars think their opinions is higher than conscience and other religious books. Do you think their 2.5% recommendation is higher or more kind than the Bible, great conscience, and the general percentage the Quran suggest for farmers over a CEO in an A/C office or big shop , or xyz?

Oh good Christians of the world, please be my partners , at least on sharing. You can share without words or words you deem fit. You can certainly say, ‘If Muslims truly care about the poor and conscience, then what is so hard in raising the recommended Zakat percentage to at least ten percent, like Christians and others? Your Muslim friends may learn and reducing poverty, reducing oppression, etc is indeed humanity, Christianity, etc. If some Muslims misled them and a Muslim is helping them and all of you, then do your part in at least sharing truth for kindness. If a Christian nation give out ten percent monthly versus a Christian nation giving out ten percent annually, how will the impact vary? So I urge great Christians to shift to annual giving through saving or tax return; or good Christians can give five percent monthly and save the other monthly five percent towards an annual big 60% (12×5), and gauge the effects?

Oh ok to good political leaders of the earth, be my partners, at least in sharing truth. Imagine if Obama, Tom Cruise, michael Bloomberg, Oprah, Musk, or xyz shared this article? Imagine if Biden, Trump, Barrow, Darboe, Xi and all top politicians of the earth echoed me on and beyond this article. What impact can we create for the poor and world in general ? Share it, even if you mention where you disagree? Then many may learn or teach you where you or someone misunderstood something. Write your own, if you can write better. Again, I am not asking you to give me the hundreds of billions it will raise, but to give to the poor, including my astute suggestions of trees, Badafos green fence, cameras, etc. Let the poor also help themselves through at least sharing. May the Kind Lord opens the heart of Billions towards higher conscience, the universal religion . Also stop giving tax breaks to billionaires and millionaires, they should pay the bare minimum people pay through incremental tax rates, and tax breaks can smartly start after paying about fifteen percent or average tax payer pays. Meaning, if the average tax payer pays ten percent direct taxes, then let the super rich be taxed ten percent or fifteen percent (as minimum) based on other realities; then if they donate to worthy identified causes, then give tax breaks between their fifteen to twenty five or xyz percent they were to pay on incremental rates. We must strive towards minimum tax rates for the rich and gradually towards minimum wages or supplementary for the poor. We must consider taxing robots to help the poor and workless. If we help Africa+ with over billions of trees, the Zakat from such trees should be kept safely for the poor and disaster reliefs. Food ‘wastage’ is good and inevitable In some sense; we should plant lot more than we need and want, animals will eat, the earth will eat it, decompose it, etc. So call me Mr. Food lover as Ramadan is around the corner, but was Ramadan not partly to remember the poor and seek Jannah (Garden)? The God of Ramadan and Jannah is my God, so heaven is described as ‘lot of food’, harmless food, bloodless food, the place I seek while alive and when I die. May God significantly raise my heaven, help the poor, and help my fellow humans, especially Muslims and Africans, improve in Character and reward. Let us enter heaven in droves. Let the Good in Asia or anywhere seek me conscientiously and be blessed than the hypocritical Muslims and Africans. Names are meaningless or specious, except your level in the conscientious group versus non-conscientious group. May we be exceptionally high in the conscientious group.

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