Which of Betway Ghana’s bonuses can we expect to find in the operator’s platform for Bulgaria?

Betway Ghana

Some online betting websites are only available in one country, and they do not want to expand their services. However, iGaming operators like Betway are accessible all over the globe and have already made a name for themselves. Consequently, Nostrabet shows that the following Betway bonus code can be used from Bulgaria, and it will grant users the opportunity to try an impressive welcome promotion. In addition to the welcome bonus, the Bulgarian version of the site is also home to several propositions for registered users.


Although the offers for Bulgarian clients from Betway are intriguing, this platform does not have a lot of experience in the country. Consequently, it is yet to offer some of the rewards available to users in other places, such as Ghana. The latter is home to a wide range of online betting operators, and Betway is one of them. In addition to the specific betting sections, this bookie provides numerous impressive bonuses, some of which will become available in Bulgaria. With that being said, here is a quick overview of these types of proposals.


Weekly jackpots


If you compare Betway’s platforms for Ghana and Bulgaria side by side, you will find a lot of similarities. For example, both offer users a welcome bonus that grants them a specific amount of money. As expected, there are some differences because Ghana’s version gives users the opportunity to participate in a weekly bonus.


Online sports bettors in Ghana who use Betway’s site can win up to 300,000 GHS every week. To do that, they have to predict every leg in the Pick 13 or Pick 5, which is not as easy as it seems. That’s the reason why this iGaming operator will give a consolation prize to those who barely made it.


Since football is the go-to sport in Ghana and Bulgaria, there is a good chance Betway will offer the same proposal in the Balkan country. However, the number of events and the eligible markets might be different. That’s why users need to pay attention to the Terms and Conditions.


Special picks


A quick overview of Betway’s site in Bulgaria shows that the company offers several innovative promotions that are not accessible in Ghana. However, the same applies if you check the brand’s site for the African state. One of the available offers there gives users the chance to compete in different events and win awesome prizes.


The so-called “Betway Picks games” are free to enter and they come in three variations. The first one requires users to predict the score and the results of six pre-selected matches. People who want something else can avail themselves of the second variation, which focuses on virtual sports.


If neither of these options seems intriguing, Betway Ghana also offers a third one that requires punters to pick a dream team. To do that, Ghanaian sports bettors need to choose a specific club from a given selection and build a fantasy team that consists of six players.


Each of the three competitions offers an attractive prize pool (the first version gives bettors to option to win up to 50,000 GHS). Those familiar with the Betway bonus code from Nostrabet for Bulgaria know that this reward is not available yet. However, this may change in the future because no other online bookie in the country offers such a proposal.


The similarities


As mentioned earlier, Betway offers a welcome proposal in Ghana and in Bulgaria, and the two promotions are similar. However, the offer for Bulgarian clients comes in the form of a 100% bonus, whereas the one for Ghanaian bettors is 50% because the brand recently started operating in the Balkan state.


Another similarity that you will notice is the boosted odds that users have access to if they stake on specific matches. The so-called “Betway Boost” offer is available in numerous countries.

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