Who at all is Obesere?


When news of him raping Olayinka hit the air, everyone, especially fuji lovers were perplexed why a respected figure like Obesere could so such an inhumane thing to an innocent lady who approached him for assistance.  
The lady in question was said to have slept over at the musician’s Okota’s house thinking he would give her some business connections like he promised. But instead of him helping her, in the middle of the night, Obesere was said to have raped her, inserted a ring into her virgina in the process and collected some blood which no one is sure what he did with it.  
Obesere claimed he didn’t rape the lady but that all they had was 3 days of mutual rounds of sex. He also said it was all blackmail to make him part with millions of naira.
Before we could say jack, the lady shouted for help, saying she’d been getting threat calls to withdraw the case or die. Poor lady only God knows what has become of her now as she’d been said to have gone into hiding.
Some said she’s a liar and that since her blackmail didn’t work, that’s why she ran into hiding.
If you were the lady, what would you have done after running to the police which we all know is corrupt for help, and at the end of the day, the police itself seems to have been bought over?
Sure you all understand the the effect of stigmatization which is likely to follow a lady with such experience in a country like this. Since it seems she didn’t get the justice deserved, there was nothing Nike could do than hide her face in shame while the culprit walk around free and bragging. He even had the gut to go grant interviews where he confessed to truly camping the lady for three days in his matrimonial home and that he enjoyed the marathon sex they had- what a shameful man! But that’s the kind of society we live in- NIGERIA FOR SHOW.
Why is our society so corrupt and filled with wicked men who parade themselves in sheep’s clothing? Why does the lady have to be the one to bear the brunt of an act committed by such a man?
Fuji musicians being who they are, everybody would agree that they have the tendency to be diabolical. So, why is anybody not talking about the ring Nike accused him of inserting into her virgina? What did he use the blood he got from underneath her for? Even the doctors confirmed she was raped so why is nobody doing anything about the medical report?
Maybe Obesere needs to shut up and at least respect his wife and kids after dragging them in the mud already with his shameful act instead of bragging about how much he enjoyed the sex with the helpless lady.

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