?A government of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP) will use state purchasing power to support the private sector to grow and create more jobs. This would be one of the strategies to be adopted by the party to deal with the increasing unemployment situation in the country when voted into office in December.?

Those words, among others, were part of the statement of the party flag bearer, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom.? He said that in answer to a question on the PPP?s plans to restore hope to the private sector at a meeting with the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in Accra last Wednesday.

WITH recent calls on political parties to practice what they preach and walk their talk, Today seeks to critically throw a searchlight on the ability of the PPP to deliver on its promises. That job creation features high on the PPP agenda, and the proven business acumen of Dr. Nduom, which had earned him the accolade ?Edwumawura,? the PPP stands tall in its ability to carry out its pledge.

THIS is a party with a flag bearer who has created jobs for thousands of Ghanaians and sponsored hundreds to further their education. His track record at the Ministries of Energy, the Public Sector Reforms and the Finance & Economic Planning are engraved in the hallmark of achievers.

INDEED these render believable his proposals for the private sector, held down by needless challenges for years. Today is of the view that growing the private sector is not about the big plans and economic jargons and who first mooted an idea but about the commitment, resolve, track record and capacity to fulfill promises made in that regard.? The private sector is the engine of growth of any country.

DR. Papa Kwesi Nduom has built Ghanaian enterprises that directly employ over 2,000 individuals and provide livelihood to over 25,000 Ghanaians. Just one of those enterprises provides savings facility and access to finance to over 250,000 customers. In all these, he has and is making it possible for many to become entrepreneurs in all ten regions of the country.

WHILES assuring the agric sector of ready market and improved labour relations, Dr. Nduom also promised to improve upon markets in the country to increase their capacity to help accommodate the large number of buyers and sellers that inundate them, especially on market days and weekends. As an entrepreneur with business interests in all the 10 regions, the PPP leader perfectly understands what it means to developing the private sector and creating jobs.

AS for the other two parties, their capabilities are summed up by lawyer-industrialist, Appiah Menka, when he made a statement on the promises they make and their actual performance when in national administration. At a lecture organised by the Centre for National Affairs (CAN,) Appiah Menka boldly stated what many Ghanaians now know ? the NPP and NDC have only paid lip service to the private sector and many socio-economic issues confronting Ghanaians.

ACCORDING to him, the two political parties ?have done nothing to ensure the country?s development.? ?He accused them of failing to adequately invest in the private sector despite the huge promise the sector holds for our development. In fact, he blamed them for the dwindling fortunes of the indigenous manufacturing industry.

HAVING thus juxtaposed the potential capabilities of the three main parties, it is the hope of all of us on Today that Ghanaians would go into the December polls to choose the man with the track record to deliver.

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