Who gave cocaine Ruby out?

GRABBED! Ruby Adu Gyamfi, aka Angel
GRABBED! Ruby Adu Gyamfi, aka Angel

We have come a long way in our journey towards establishing the truth about Ruby?s latest and by far the biggest exploit in her largely successful career in the drug pushing underworld.

wpid-high-grade-cocaine-hidden-in-laptop-bag-by-agu-ifeanyi-kingsley.jpgNames, big ones of course, are thought to have facilitated the botched smuggling attempt, previous efforts having been successful anyway. It does not appear that the telltale details curious Ghanaians seek to know would be known without deliberate efforts put in place in Parliament.

It is instructive to observe people especially from the ruling party asking that the subject be devoid of the trappings of politics, an impossible feat we can bet.

The system failure which enabled Ruby to carry so much cocaine and with impunity is traceable to bad governance, therein therefore lies the impossibility of detaching politics from the scathing scandal.

The bad precedence of political point scoring now a Ghanaian feature is only being played out on the wide media platform.

Really it is impossible to extricate politics from a situation where restricted facilities such as the VIP or VVIP are put at the mercy of drug pushers or baronesses. We are hard-pushed not to regard such negative occurrences without the political lenses. That is the crux of the matter. It is a de ja vu. Indeed we have been there before.

Since a failed system is always attributable to a faltering political leadership, we are on course when government is roped in as we search for answers to the many questions about how Ruby succeeded in smuggling cocaine using restricted sections of the airport. That is the story, no more no less.

It is a subject which would occupy the number one ranking on the scandal chart for a long to time regardless of the many efforts being employed by government appointees to douse the emanating flame.

We are supportive of the call by the Minority in Parliament for a bipartisan probe into the scandal. Only this can set the records straight and save the country?s image from the unfavourable impressions it is suffering across the world.

We hope that government is preparing to order the expropriation of the possessions of Ruby in conformity with local legal standards.

Members of the public regard this as a legitimate test for the neutrality of government and are watching to see whether the law would be varied in the case of Ruby.

The Minority in Parliament could not have made a better demand of the government at this time when speculation about the complicity of those at the helm is rife.

What better opportunity is there for government to prove its many sceptics wrong by confiscating these properties as was done others who fell into a similar pit?

Extricating itself convincingly is the best option for government, given the many bruises the subject has inflicted upon it since the story made the headlines and became an instant raging public discourse.

A bipartisan probe and the expropriation of Ruby?s possessions would not be asking for impossibilities.

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