Who leaked Tiffany s*x tape?


Popular Ghanaian female musician Itz Tiffany has confirmed she is the n*ked lady in the s*xually explicit videos that have created a storm in media circles within the past week.


Speaking publicly on the issue for the first time, Tiffany told Mamavi Owusu Aboagye on Joy FM last Saturday that the videos were shot with her consent by her baby?s father over six years ago but she never expected them to go public.

She alleged, without evidence, that her baby?s father, whose name she mentioned as Frank, was behind the recent leakage of the videos, noting that they were obviously meant to embarrass her.

The musician apologised for the act and assured her fans that she will not allow the embarrassment to jeopardise her music career.

While one of the videos captured them kissing and doing what lovers do in bed, another one did not show faces but showed the genitals of a couple having s*x. The third video, a rather dramatic one, showed a stark naked Tiffany dragging her butts on the floor and invoking curses and negative incantations on a man. She was also seen grinding pepper in a pot, placing the man?s photo in the pot, pouring some Castle Bridge gin on the picture and invoking some more curses on him.

Below is a transcript of what exactly Tiffany told Mamavi:

Is this really you in the video?

Yes, it is me. It is me. It is me. There is no denying about that that it is me. This is a video that was shot six years ago with my ex-husband. I was engaged to him, have a child with him, and sadly enough he has kept the video for six years and wants to do what he is doing but forgetting that we have a baby together and he is not just disgracing me but he is also disgracing himself and his family.

But first of all, I would apologise to Ghanaians. This is noting planned. I don?t know the exact words to use now because it is sad.

Why do you think he would do such a thing at this time?

Well, we have been battling for custody of my son for a while now. My son is in the UK, he has my son. There is a thin line between love and hate. I don?t know what to say at the moment. He told me he would do it. He has threatened me with a lot of things but I never thought he would do it.

Funniest thing is, when the video was recorded you could see we were laughing. I had just given birth and my son was eight months. I was still breastfeeding and I was trying to tell him to tell me a truth about something. I know my baby?s father tells lies so sometimes I would just scare him and say I would curse him. He is not from here so when I say I would curse him, he believes in those things.? He said he would record me but I did not think it was something that would catch up with me now. I was married to the guy.

Is he a Ghanaian?

He is Ghanaian but he was born, raised, lived, schooled and did everything in the UK. He can?t even speak Twi properly. He is Ghanaian but does not have the proper Ghanaian roots.

What is the plan? Releasing the videos would make you give up custody of the child?

It has nothing to do with the custody of the child. The thing is, from day one that I broke away from the relationship he was not happy that I had left. But sometimes you have to move on. If you are in a relationship and you are being abused, you move on and do something better with your life. I wanted to do music but he did not want me to do music. He just wanted me to stay home and make babies and just be there. The lifestyle he is living I am not into it. I wanted to move on and I have gone but from there, he was like, ?you think you are going to go?? I would show you? and stuffs like that.

He threatens me. He lets my son send me voice notes. I have all of this on my phone but I never ever in a million years thought a guy I had lived with, married to for seven years, carried your baby for nine months, put your baby out would ever, ever do that. Even if you are bitter about me, think about the next three, four years when your son is a big boy.

Let me get this clear. Is your son living with him?

Yes, in UK. They took him away from me.

Are you able to see your child?

Yes, I do. I see him but the relationship is not there like before. He has been brainwashed. People close to me and people who have seen this video know me and know it is an old video. People know Frank. People know the drama that? when I was with him before God blessed me to be the Tiffany that I am now. How he reacts when he is out. Efya, Bola Ray, everybody have seen this guy act crazy. Everybody knows he is crazy but this is mad.

What were you thinking when you were doing the naked shoot with him?

Well, I was not thinking. That is what I would say to you first of all. I was not thinking. I was married to this guy. Everybody knows what they do in their relationship. I have a baby for him and if I am naked in front of my husband, I don?t care. He has seen me naked when I was pushing his baby out. Everybody was born naked. I am not shy of him; he is not shy of me. He said he was recording it but I did not care because I knew he would never do that to me.

What is the release of the video doing to your image?

I just leave it to God. What the devil wants to do is to destroy me. But this is not going to stop me from walking into the studio to record. Before anything happens to anybody, God knows why it happens to you. It has happened and I would deal with it. It is my past, it has caught up with me but life goes on.

Are you in a relationship right now?

No, I am not in a relationship.

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