Kwesi Pratt Now a Judge Over NDC In The Woyome Matter?


Managing Editor of the Insight and political commentator, Mr Kwesi Pratt Jnr wants the NDC to excommunicate Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

“I don’t understand, at one point you will hear TEIN group demonstrating in support, party groups will also be demonstrating in support and making statements and even leaders and government officials within the party are also on television and radio defending him. What is wrong with the NDC, especially when their president (Mills) has ordered for investigations?” Mr Pratt said on Kwame Sefa Kayi’s Kokrokoo programme on Peace FM.
Mr Pratt’s anger stems from the fact that Mr Woyome was visibly seen last weekend fraternising with the NDC, a party he has helped in various ways long before being legally paid the judgement debt in reference.
According to media reports, the Insight man, who has been on a crusade against Mr Woyome from the onset of the judgement debt issue, had asked, “Why are the NDC inflicting mortal wounds on themselves? How come Woyome, widely perceived to be a major bank-roller of the party should be the one to declare a winner in a primary by lifting their hand, moreso when the NDC has been accused of paying him money through criminal means? I was surprised to see him at various constituencies lifting hands, is he now a party chairman?”
Why Mr Pratt is of the view that the NDC should distance itself from one of their own just because people like him have problems with a judgement debt he legally received from the state, leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many an NDC supporter, some of whom spoke to this paper.
They unanimously disagree with Mr Kwesi Pratt’s view that the NDC needs to distance itself from Mr Woyome when there is no ruling of wrongdoing against him by a court of competent jurisdiction. They believe Mr Pratt is carrying his opinions about the NDC too far.
Some have questioned Mr Pratt’s mindset on the Woyome issue and want to know what is motivating his views against Mr Woyome, because, according to them, the man got the state to pay him the judgement debt through a court process. They wonder why Mr Pratt and the NPP are collaborating in trying to destroy the hard earned reputation of a citizen of Ghana.
Others have also questioned Mr Kwesi Pratt’s acclaimed human rights credentials since what people like him are doing can amount to violating the human rights of Mr Woyome.

Source: The Catalyst



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