Who Should Celebrate Valentine?s Day?


February 14th?every year is observed in most parts of the world as?Lovers? Day, when people express love for one another in a special way, including the sharing of gifts and other activities.

Although, a little controversy surrounds the origin of Valentine?s Day celebration, a certain Rev. Fr. Valentine is said to have been killed for secretly wedding lovers against the wishes of the authorities many years ago. Valentine?s Day is not celebrated annually in memory of Late Fr. Valentine.

This piece is more concerned with the relevance of Valentine?s Day celebration in the lives of celebrants than in the event?s origin. Is Valentine?s Day celebration for everybody? Who should, and who should not be part of this celebration?

Valentine?s Day is all about love which has been defined as an intense feeling of deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solitude towards a person. It is the human feeling called love that inspires the gestures and works of charity usually manifested by folks on Valentine?s Day.

The meanings of love offered by dictionaries suggest that true love is a lifestyle or habit. It is a character or habitual activity. Considering the true nature of love and the attitudes of people in this part of the world, it may not be wrong to conclude that many celebrants of Valentine?s Day in this clime are hypocrites. The exhibition of works of charity or show of love for one another ought to be a daily affair. This is the position of both the Holy Bible and Quoran and their injunctions on love. The drift here is that only those who consistently have and exhibit the feeling of love for their fellow human beings, have the moral right to celebrate the dedicated?Lovers? Day?known as Valentine?s Day.

If many retirees lost their lives without receiving any benefits because you diverted the pensions fund into personal use, you have no right to talk about?Lovers? Day. If you promised to marry someone and you have broken the promise with neither a cogent reason nor a remorse, you have no business with Valentine?s Day. A medical practitioner who watches a patient die, simply because of salary issues with his employer should not celebrateValentines Day. If you have been sitting on people?s contract files because they failed or refused to offer you bribes, Valentine?s Day celebration does not concern you. If as a lecturer, you have delayed the graduation of students simply because they either refused to offer you bribes or have sex with you, you don?t have love and you have nothing to do with Valentine?s Day events.

Valentines? Day?is not for everybody. A politician who has killed or organized the killing of people in order to win an election cannot be involved in Valentine?s Day celebration. If as a State Governor or Local Government Chairman, you have increased the sufferings and poverty level of your people by embezzling the resources meant for infrastructure and human development without creating jobs, forget about?Valentine?s Day. It is not for people like you. If you are an armed robber, ritualist, terrorist bomber, kidnapper, rapist, assassin or gun runner, you have no business with Lovers? Day celebration. Valentine?s Day celebration is for only true lovers. It is for those who hate man?s inhumanity to man. It is not for hypocrites or wicked people.




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