Who wears the crown ?


Many women today have lost sight of what true beauty is. There seems to be an unspoken rule that women are not worth being seen in public unless they are dressed to the gills, with overdone make-up and flashy clothing. Even older women seemed to have fallen prey to the idea that their beauty is wrapped up in how they look.

The Virtuous WomanThe Virtuous woman reality show is a platform to educate all women especially the youth that the true beauty of a woman is not to be found only in fancy hair styles, expensive clothing, excessive jewelry, the skin colour or her figure; instead, her beauty is to be seen in the “hidden person” or the person she is on the inside.

The contestants will be educated on how to live their lives to affect and influence their family, community etc in a positive way.

The Virtuous Woman reality show is a contest between 10 beautiful female contestants which allows the viewers to vote for their favourite contestant to be crowned Virtuous Woman.  Each week, the contestants will be given tasks to perform which will be assessed by a panel of judges who have a certain degree of power in selecting successful candidates and eliminating others.

The 10 contestants will be housed in the same complex where they would be taught so many things. The pageant gives these women the opportunity to advance their personal goals, while acting as a role model to those around them.

The Virtuous Woman Reality Show will be shown on Metro TV.

The Reality Show is supported by Metro TV, Radio Gold, Montia FM and TV Gold.

Media partners include News Ghana, Stage Afrik, Ghjoy, Impact TV and Impact Radio.


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