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Why a red card from the Italian government against France about Africa?

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Since the creation of the FCFA (Franc of the French colonies of Africa), a name given by the French government since its creation until today. Despite the independence that has followed, the management of these countries is still maintained as in the colonial era. Almost all Western countries respected this colonial imprint of successive French governments. Why discordant voices are emerging today and not a few years ago? Is France a renter country of African countries using the FCFA?

Why discordant voices are emerging today and not a few years ago?

Since the official financial crisis of 2008, it was unofficially known in 2003 that a financial storm was preparing to hit the financial markets of the world due to bad governance, corruption, deregulation, etc. The 2008 financial crisis exposed Greece as a bad, corrupted government. The ECB (European Central Bank) and other central banks had to intervene to save Greece from defaulting on its obligations and did not want Greece to leave the Euro zone. The French and German banks that went bankrupt were responsible for the loans to Greece. In addition, these loans to the Greek government were made with a lot of irregularities. Greece could not afford to pay back the loans.

The European Union had instructed Germany to find solutions to the Greek situation. In a word, Germany was responsible for protecting these banks and was supported by France, which protected these banks in return. The ECB’s financing to rescue Greece went directly to pay the creditors of Greece, France, and Germany. The European Union and the International Monetary Fund had taken drastic measures, throwing families into the streets. These structural adjustment measures are taken only to protect the banks of these two countries at the expense of the Greek people.

One of the oldest Italian banks Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena founded in 1472 has very serious financial problems that the Italian government cannot help and turn to the ECB European Central Bank (although led by an Italian.) The Italian bank was initially faced with a refusal of two countries that are Germany and France. According to indiscretions, France does not want the ECB to intervene to save the Italian bank. The new Italian government which is a coalition of several parties does not want to capitulate to the pressures of the French government or the ECB who would like the failure of the new Italian government. A revolutionary non-compliant with the status quo and give an example to the future government of other countries. Which amounts to asking the same question: are the leaders of the European Union autocrats or democrats? Are the donors of democracy lessons above them?

Some newspapers write that waves of immigration on the Italian coast created discord between France and Italy. The Italian government denounces this hand of France on certain countries and controls their votes at the UN. This is in part true; the assassination of Mr. Gaddafi by NATO, Italy allowed NATO planes that were leaving the Italian territory to bomb the Libyans. The destruction of Libya was programmed by NATO strategists, some African countries were indirectly accomplices. NATO strategists knew that by killing Colonel Gaddafi, Africans from neighboring countries who were going to Libya to work did not intend to leave the African soil and would have to cross the Mediterranean for their livelihood. Others were shaken by internal wars and jihad movements, created to measure and financed to move populations. Land rich in minerals and agriculture the West has thoroughly studied and often conducted by the World Bank and other international organizations. Some African countries that are often accomplices are hostages to their colonial powers who know that these leaders have no legitimacy. Their longevity in power is due to their protection. By becoming political, military and economic advisers over national councilors, they influence national and international politics.

These political, military and economic advisers are partly responsible for the lack of take-off of some African countries using the CFA zone. The political and military repressions of these regimes are against the people in search of their wellbeing who see their future mortgage as very dark. The socio-political and military destabilizing countries by setting up religious and ethnic wars producing massacres of the people. We can say that these practices have never ceased during the time of colonization, independence and beyond.

The Italian government has officially touched on the big problem that is slowing down the development of African countries especially the franc zone, compared to China, India, Singapore, and Malaysia and so on. For example, the Ivory Coast in the 1960s presented itself as a prosperous country of the future. Ivory Coast was called small Paris, exceeding China, India, South Korea, and Singapore knew only for its tourism. Malaysia was coming to West Africa to learn how to cultivate the palm grove which led to Malaysia’s thought of its industrialization. Today the governments of Benin, Ivory Coast, Nigeria etc., cannot be compared to the leadership of Malaysia or Singapore. These presidents have visions. They have brought respect to their countries and challenge the West economically and technically.

The case of the Ivory Coast: the governments of the former president Houphouet were super advised by France on all the economic, political and military plans. The economic crisis known in the 80s that put the government of President Houphouet on their knees so that Cote d’Ivoire could not get up was advised by these French experts. The Ivorian State paid enormous sums to these great economic advisers of the Republic and was consulted on all levels. How could they not have foreseen or anticipated such a crisis and avoid the catastrophe? Was this a plot? And by who? Ivory Coast was strangled financially, everything was paralyzed. The state could no longer pay its employees. Germany was paying Ivorian bills and running the Ivory Coast government but France refused to do so. It was then imposed that Côte d’Ivoire must have a Prime Minister before it defends Côte d’Ivoire with other institutions and governments.

The Ivorian presidential election of 2010 caused the Italian coast to be flooded by the people fleeing the war, killings, and massacres. After the presidential election the outgoing President asked to recount votes. France under President Sarkozy and some African countries, especially French speaking, 90% supported the dictatorship of President Sarkozy. The saddest decision of Mr. Sarkozy was the orders for drugs and hospital equipment paid but not delivered before the outbreak of war, had still not been delivered. Mr. Sarkozy had used the tactical deadlines and finally refused to deliver these drugs and hospital equipment to the State of Côte d’Ivoire. Those patients were told by Ivorian doctors that soon orders will arrive and we can take care of you and you will go home. How many sick in the North South East and West died from the refusal to deliver drugs and hospital equipment? Could these patients who would only like to live be held hostage because Mr. Sarkozy wanted to use blackmail and caused deaths because President Gbagbo did not want to leave power. How many had died during this refusal of France?

During the Ivorian conflict France had cut off access to the international financial market to the State of Côte d’Ivoire even the Ivorian own funds deposited in the external banks of Côte d’Ivoire. The French government, proud to repeat to whom it is entitled the FCFA is a currency of Africans but during this conflict the French government has recognized the paternity of the FCFA by giving instructions to the governor of the Central Banks of Africa, West and Central Africa not to deal with the Ivorian state. The former Ivorian government has accepted the reality that the only way to circumvent the Machiavellian plan of the French government was to create its own currency and it was to be put into circulation in the month of April 2011. The French bombings began to rain on the Ivory Coast with more mercenaries being recruited in other countries to end the Ivorian state that the French government thought was recalcitrant. The new Ivorian currency would not see the light of day in April 2011, according to former Finance Minister Kone Katsinan.

Is France a renter country of African countries using the FCFA?

This question may not make sense, but an economic newspaper “The Economic News of Germany” mentioned it. A few years ago, the former French President Jacques Chirac said it publicly about the financing of France by Africa. French public and private newspapers commented that Monsieur Chirac is ill, his illness makes him lose his mind. The French government and the media of the French Republic were seeking by all means that this truth should not be repeated.

The German economic newspaper “The Economic News of Germany” has published that France collects every year 440 billion Euros from 14 Francophone countries. That’s about $ 550 billion. If this information is true, the French debt represents about 2,200 billion Euros, the fund collects countries of the Francophone represents a trifle of 440 billion per year. Only in five years the money taken by France could pay the French debt around 2,200 billion Euros? In which fund are these 440 billion Euros deposited? Why is the majority of French suffering? They are in the streets of France shouting their precariousness as national mourning. Why are these funds not going into the coffers of the state that holds the control? France is a technological country. It has knowledge that it asserts on the markets as to which ones are successful so there is income in addition to 440 billion Euros per year. If this information is true, it is a scandal, a crime of blood, racket etc. Francophone Africa can never develop by leaving large sums from its territory which is lacking everything. Hospitals and health centers are burial places; only 20% to 30% of Africans have access to drinking water, and school. University centers to train future country managers have become dumps. The populations of the countries from which they transfer 440 billion Euros live in extreme poverty.

France cannot succeed and continue its coup without the complicity of some African presidents, some members of the opposition and future men / women who want to access the supreme magistracy of the country. This strong desire to be president by saying it is enough that France decides; has allowed Africa to be followed by other countries. The majority of these presidents do not have programs or visions that can bring their countries out of poverty. These presidents elected / appointees by France have only one interest, serve the French government not their African people, who die, others seek to leave their countries for abroad and very often the sea prevails. Why are men / women / young people looking to leave? The reason may be to escape misery, others prefer to die abroad. What can lead a man / woman to take such a resolution? Still misery, no future. The majority of these presidents, deputies, members of governments, opposition leaders have houses in Europe, more precisely in France. Some have one, two or more. How could they have the money to buy these houses, when they do not have the financial means to realize these disproportionate ambitions? These sums can be invested in the country of origin that can create the jobs to turn the economy. If the majority of these presidents, deputies, members of governments, opposition leaders seek medical care in their respective countries, the health and sanitary conditions of their countries will not be the halls of death. These presidents, MPs, government members and opposition leaders say they have invested a huge amount in improving the lives of their people. When they themselves are sick (fever, headaches) they treat themselves or go to Europe? Their wives, mistresses, children go where? Europe? The same for schools / universities. Where do they go? Europe

Having a house in Europe is not a crime but a misappropriation of public money is a crime. When government officials behave in this way, they become a target of foreign agents who lobby to cooperate and are influenced by the outside world. The French government, through its media, says the misappropriated funds come from their helpers who should go to relieve the people of suffering and corruption. We can say its comedy and hypocrisy. Collect 440 billion Euros a year from 14 countries for free, because this racket was done in non transparency, only a handful of individuals are aware. One humiliates an entire people by giving them a fraction of 0.00005% interest earned on the amount taken to African countries. This aid depends on the choice of the donor country, the benefits of future contracts. This management shames the French government created “Bad Things Acquired” for recalcitrant countries in Africa to punish them, to humiliate them. Badly Acquired Goods could be a good thing, but the management of the French government in Africa what can we call it?

Have you ever heard of “Bad Things” from Arabs, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Singaporeans, etc.? These leaders love their people, and they work for their people. Their hospitals and health centers are not death camps but to give life to their peoples. It is in Africa that we are waiting for help from the European Union or France so that their governments, in turn, will pay for basic needs. One wonders why they are Presidents, Ministers, and Deputies opposition leaders. If these people go to hospitals in their countries, their women go shopping in their countries and their children attend schools or universities in their countries, we think that Africa will wake up like a Titan.

African leaders must wake up from their long sleeps. Africa is today like a plane without pilots. To spend years in power does not mean that you are a good president, but the difference you have made in the life of your people. Former Singapore Prime Minister Mr. Lee has spent several years in power not that he has usurped power or assassinated opponents but he loved his country. When he took power, Singapore only lived on tourism revenues. Now Singapore has everything, far ahead of some major Europeans.

The relay cry of the Italian government is that Africans denounced for years. Africa has finally waited for discordance between the French and Italian governments, that a European government is bringing this debate to the world level. Italy is the second country that France must answer; it can force the bankruptcy of France by asking to be paid in a week or 30 days. Can France pay this debt? With all the problems, economic and social, seriously we doubt.

What is happening in Venezuela, Africa must have eyes open? This passage in force of the new president of the Venezuelan assembly Mr. Guaido who proclaimed himself president of his country. Ignoring the laws of his country and recognized by almost all European countries, Canada and the US because of huge deposits of oil and gold. The state of Venezuela has gold bonds of 1.2 billion deposited in England, the state decided to sell this bond to have cash but the US and the West refused. The bond belongs to the state of Venezuela. It was the same thing France used against President Gbagbo’s Cote d’Ivoire in 2011. Africans must trust in themselves for the development of the continent. China’s world’s leading economic power, but in 15 years India will surpass China. What will be Africa’s place?


Dr. Amouzou received his Master in Business, from the European Advanced Institute of Management, has Certificate in Finance and Investment in Paris, France. He completed His work Post Graduation in Political Strategy, International Relations, and Defense Strategies and earned His Ph.D. in International Finance.


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