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Why Castigate the Striking Medical Doctors?


It is only a fool who will try to quench fire by dousing it with petrol instead of water or any of the carbon dioxide-based elements, depending on the nature of the fire. This is exactly how irresponsible the behaviour of all those casting aspersions on the striking doctors, challenging them to resign en masse as they have threatened if their demands were not met, is.


Let Ghanaians, and especially, the ruling government understand the importance of medical doctors in the development of any nation. Without healthy citizens, no nation on this earth can develop. As ?an army marches on its stomach? so also does a nation develop on the health and safety of its citizenry. A nation without a healthy and well educated human resource base cannot develop but will continually struggle in her attempts to develop. Who then ensures, if not guarantees, the good health of the populace after the government has in all sincerity provided hospitals, medicines, personnel etc.? It is the doctors, nurses and the entire medical staff with the doctors playing the most essential role.

Without the doctors, many a person that falls seriously ill will die! Truly as just stated, I hear on radio the announcement of patients dying in their numbers during this sad period of the doctors striking. Instead of sympathising with the doctors and then PLEADING with them to go back to work while other stakeholders join their management to negotiate with the government to meet their demands either fully or halfway, some complete idiots who have access to foreign or private healthcare are rather infuriating them. They have been insulting, and or challenging the doctors to resign en masse if they are capable of. They think the doctors will regret their action should they resign because they will soon run out of money for the upkeep of themselves and their family. They also invoke the terms of contract signed, and the oath sworn, by the doctors, to remind them about the illegality of their action hence the obligation for them to return to work without laying any preconditions for negotiations.

Whether the doctors may have something to live on or not, after their resignation, should not come in at this stage at all. It is how to save the lives that are perishing prematurely that should be the initial concern of any responsible person who reasons like a human being.

Most of those talking rubbish about the doctors are those in government and their agents and assigns who either proceed abroad for their medical needs or can afford expensive private medical care at home. I see such persons as heartless. They are worse than their ?dead goat? president who does not fear knife. How callous, incompetent, clueless and corrupt the ruling government and their cronies are?

All those foolishly teasing the striking doctors MUST cease their antics now!

In the meantime, I shall advise those patients suffering from diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc. to go to their local pharmacies to purchase their usual prescribed drugs.

Finally, I will EARNESTLY ENTREAT or APPEAL to the striking doctors to return to work in the name of GOD to help save the lives that are, or risk, perishing prematurely, while all sensible Ghanaians join efforts to pressure the government to meet some, if not all, your demands.

Source: Rockson Adofo

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