John Fosu, the lover of Kumawu, the?avid?defender of the poor and the cause of Kumawuman, the hater of injustice, the vessel of God, and a probable self-styled investigative journalist answers succinctly why he dislikes Kumawu krontihene.



Kumawu kontrihene in private took a hard opposing stance against the embezzlement and misuse of Kumawuman Stool lands by the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi II. Barima Asumadu Sakyi?II was the paramount chief of Kumawu Tradition Area from the year 1973 to 2007. In public, Kontrihene pretended to support every action taken by the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, probably out of fear or not to incur his wrath that could possibly lead to Barima dethroning him. Going by Krontihene’s private pronouncements of hatred for corruption, acknowledgments of the wrongs by Kumawuhene, and his readiness to put things right if he had his own, he surely endeared himself to many.? John Fosu became one of his admirers?when he heard about the genuine concerns the krontihene was showing towards Kumawuman.



In less than no time, Barima Asumadu Sakyi II died. One would normally expect Kontrihene to put in place policies to rectify the wrongs committed by the late Kumawuhene. Nevertheless, he became corrupted, committing ten-fold the atrocious crimes the late chief was accused of involvement. He has beenmasterminding spurious sales of?building plots in Kumawu and pocketing the money. He has sold Kumawu Traditional Council oil palm plantation at Attakrom near Asokore in the Ashanti Region. He sold it without permission from the Traditional Council. He refuses to account for the money accrued from its sale.?He has sold various Kumawu Stool farmlands and kept the money?for?himself.?Barely had Kumawuhene passed when he instructed the withdrawal of GHC86, 000 (860 Million Old Cedis) from the Kumawu Traditional Council account with Kumawu Rural Bank. He embezzled a greater portion of the money with Kumawhemaa, Kumawu Saanahene and Kumawu Saamahene. They placed the remaining of the money towards Barima Asumadu Sakyi’s funeral.



The last straw that broke the camel’s back is his connivance with Kwamanghene and Agogohene to dispose of thousands of acres of Kumawu Stool lands to two foreign companies. As naive, corrupt and sorry to say, stupid as he is, he has directly permitted the mentioned chiefs to claim full ownership of the lands prior to selling them. How could he allow?Agogohene and Kwamanghene?to be exploiting?him?to that?extent?in detriment?to?the welfare of Kumawuman? It is all because of the “peanut” (here I mean small amount of money) they offered him as bribe. How crazy could he be?



Is such a person worthy of?your?respect? He has also allowed Kumawuhemaa to take him as a puppet. He is at the beck and call of Kumawuhemaa, assisting her to wreck unprecedented havoc on Kumawuman, especially Kumawu, the seat of the Traditional Council.



For this man with a big but hollow head to behave as he?does, one is right to hate him with passion. He is adamn?hypocrite.?Only the current discreditable?NDC Deputy Ministers?can rival or surpass his hypocrisy and propensity to resort to acts of corruption.



Do you now understand why I hate this man? I do not hate?him as a person?in spite of his ugliness that cuts across the bone but his attitudes bordering on hypocrisy disgust me. Barima Asumadu Sakyi II’s evilness pales?completely away?compared?to?that of Mr. alias?”Tikenenkene”, the Kumawu kontrihene.




Is Asantehene aware of all that the Kumawu krontihene is doing to Kumawuman? If he is, what is he doing about the Kumawu chieftaincy issue? Mind you, respect is earned but not commanded. “A word to the wise is sufficient”?John Fosu rests his case.


John Fosu


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