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Why is npp punishing their own members who brought them into power


The Government Should Support Locally Businesses Instead of Imposing 35% Higher Taxes On Them – Former 1st Vice Chairman NPP Japan Branch

The former first vice chairman of the NPP Japan branch, Mr. Michael Awuah is concerned about how the government is imposing taxes on imported used car dealers, Abosokan spare parts dealers, mechanics , taxi drivers and automobile industries.

From him, citizens in the country are suffering from hardships under this government due to COVID-19, the Russia and Ukraine war and yet still imposing taxes on them, which is very bad and it will make them regret voting them into power.

How many Ghanaians can afford to buy a brand new car in this country? There’s no other option than to get a-used car for their living, mean while the taxes on them keeps on going high month by months.

We drivers, used car dealers, Abosokan spare parts dealers, mechanics and the automobile industry are the people who voted for this government but they keep on lashing us with taxes day in day out, which is uncomfortable to us and we are dying of it.

Some people are taking less than 1000 Ghana at the end of the month and the government is expecting them to buy brand new cars with their little income, How can it be possible? He asked

For him, he doesn’t understand the reason why the government want to increase the taxes on used cars and spear parts by 35% in the country, while the salary of the workers in this country is small, like ants.

Why not the government leave them to compete with the locally manufactured or assembly car companies but rather want their work to collapse by imposing all taxes on them?

Every Ghanaian will testify that the drivers, spare parts dealers, home-used car dealers, mechanics have employed over 80% of the youth in this business and in doing this, the government wants their bosses to sack them due to the high rate of taxes which is collapsing their business.

We are the same people who campaigned for the party to come to power with fewer taxes, but after coming into power they are punishing us to the extent that we can not even do anything to help the citizens of this country.

Now the harbors are collapsing due to high taxes on imported goods like spare parts and used cars all in the name of Use Ghana Made, but yet there’s no single industry or company to point about when it comes to this government.

Day in day out, the dollar keeps on going higher and instead of this government taking a very critical look at it, they are rather imposing or increasing taxes on us. If NPP really knows the hardship in this country due to COVID-19 and Russia Ukraine , then they must also know the hardship the citizens are facing in this country.

This government should know that ,over 90% of drivers, Abosokan spare parts dealers and mechanics are NPP members so the government must help them to grow their business but not to collapse it for them because it will later go against them and the government as a whole.Since 2017 this government came into power, they have been punishing this locally businesses with more taxes every year at the port which is not fair.

We know this government is a listen government so we plead to him to take a very critical look at the taxes again.

Source: Eric Obeng Boateng

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