Why It Is Not A Crime To Call Nigeria’s Politicians “Black Monkeys.”


By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, ike.enyiagu@gmail.com

I have a story to tell you. Wait! It’s no fairytales; it’s not like we have it in several books of fiction. This is real: it’s the story of a group of people. Amongst them are my brothers, my neighbors, and those who have certified themselves as eternal enemies to me. I know that I was not sent here on earth to make enemies but to bring souls back to God. But to those who would neither enter the kingdom, nor allow others to enter, I say this: You are doomed! The only just thing you have done in your life is that you have “justly” judged yourself because everything you do brings you closer to your reward. It’s that simple. Having said that, I also want to warn that, should any of you or group of you “ever think” evil of my message, your evil thoughts will enchain you like it did Osama Bin Laden. And you will only succeed in destroying yourself. To you who lead Nigeria, I say: calling you monkeys is no crime. You are monkeys born of an evil breed! In fact, it’s an honor done you to call you monkeys because monkeys are not so self-destroying. You want to know how monkeys reason; I mean, black monkeys? Let me tell you. A man in Nigeria has a lorry with which he plies long routes. He bought a monkey and keeps it always beside the wheels. His aim? The monkey protects his vehicle and alerts him on dangers, and then keeps him company. The man, in turn, feeds the monkey with its delicacies; this time, banana and more bananas. The monkey never tears his clothes or eats what is not meant for him – it simply keeps to the bargain of survival and neighborliness. But those who lead Nigeria are not so; they are like crabs that eat their dead brothers and then, turn around to eat themselves.  Let me tell you why:



  1. Mandela was imprisoned for unimaginable years for the cause of his people, yet he was released and eventually led his people. Today, it’s a shame to point an accusing finger on the man, Mandela because he stood out for his people though it all. Obasanjo, on the other hand, was imprisoned for his political games, was later released to lead the country. But he led it into the ditch. What he boasts of today are the Otta farm and his oil wells amongst other.
  2. In America, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2011 for 17 counts of graft which includes trying to sell the US Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama. But Mohammed Abubakar, a policeman indicted with complicity in the gruesome killing of Dr Shola Omoshola and the Jos 2001 crises by the Oputa Panel and the Justice Niki Tobi panel for sack and retirement respectively, was called and enthroned as the new IGP in Nigeria.
  3. While American and British embassies in Nigeria are there – defending to the very last the rights of their citizens and their countries’ interests. Nigeria’s embassies all over the world are waylaying, intimidating and passing “guilty” sentences to “Nigerians” in their various countries of mission.
  4. Ghana, the rejected of Nigeria, is moving to sell electricity to Nigeria. These Nigerian monkeys (leaders) are moving to buy – forgetting that, to shut down to entire country from Ghana, only a switch is required.
  5. America and the rest of the world constantly bring in new people to manage the economy and to lead, and they listen to popular demands; Nigeria’s politicians, on the other hand, are Nigerian-made- full of dirt, corruption; wickedness and evil: they simply rob Peter to pay Paul – swapping and reshuffling responsibilities amongst them with ever increasing number of failures.
  6. Malaysia got her independence in 1957 from the very Britain just three years before Nigeria became free from them also. The country of Malaysia today can been described as self-sufficient. While the shameless monkeys are busy signing into law contracts to ship their sons and daughters in schools in Malaysia, US, UK, Ukraine and other countries of the world, Nigeria universities – not mentioning state ones –  are ranked the poorest in the world.
  7. While it took an undergraduate in the USA to program and invent Facebook, Nigeria’s politicians and their children thrive in PhDs and undefendable, bloated degrees. They would kill or kill the talents of upcoming scientists and inventors than give them a level-playing ground.
  8. While Uganda invented a new car and the Republic of Congo invented iPad-rival tablet, Nigeria’s monkeys are busy patronizing their daughters and sons’ age-mates with the country’s funds.
  9. Obasanjo, Buhari, Babangida, Yar’Adua, etc: these led the country and traveled to different developed and developing countries like no man’s business. They each entered trains, drove on smooth roads and looked up toward sky-creepers. But, on returning home, only enter their self-made prisons – locking themselves up (against those they have held bound) with gates bought with stolen funds.
  10. State governors in other countries of the world do not last a year if they are not doing anything. In Nigeria, it’s a different thing for the black monkeys: they only boast of bulletproof cars, the many ladies they waste the states money on, and on how many enemies they made and how many families they wrecked. For each Nigeria’s state governors, a sum of about $US2, 000,000.00 is given monthly for protection. Can anyone protect himself against himself unless he hands himself into the hands of the creator of all? You have no security and your coverings are leaking with holes.


My God! The list is endless. You do not have to stand close to know that this has nothing to do with monkeys. In other words, their attitude has nothing to do color or creed: it’s a curse – embedded deep down the root of this ill-fated and evil of Her Majesty’s amalgam called Nigeria. You simply cannot beat them once you are clothed on swearing-in with the spirit of Nigeria. You can be anybody but, once you get in there, it becomes a different story – not because they call it politics, but because Nigeria’s foundation was based on an agreement with the devil. The CBN governor, Malam Sanusi was quoted recently as having said that “one trillion naira is enough to bribe anybody to sign anything;” no wonder he signed for Islamic banking against popular outcry and no wonder Igbo governors are looking on while Northerners and the “Nigerian government” are slaughtering their people. This has even gone so far that the Imo and Ebonyi state governors, respectively, denied that Igbo were killed anywhere in the country. Black monkeys!


This is not about to stop; no change to sustain Nigeria will ever work. In the times of old when men were left in the hands and at the mercies of wicked leaders who neither have fear of God nor respect for man, God always raised a messenger and a leader. Then God always spoke. And what He says always stands. Those who lead Nigeria are accursed of God, and they cannot escape. It does not end in killing, imprisoning, bribing and intimidating – these things don’t always work. And, on the thresholds marked with the blood, they will never work. Nigeria must be totally torn apart; it must divide completely. The division has nothing to do with the politics of the world; it has everything to do with God’s purposes for men – which purposes Nigeria as a country stands against and vehemently opposes. When there is a country with so-called great men of God but the children of God are groveling on the ground – looking for salvation – such a country has incurred the wrath of heaven. Every country that errs has its punishment: but, until the last day, the punishment will only be to warn, deter, and build up. To those who wish that Nigeria remains “one” in order to fuel satan’s plots for souls, you have failed. Woe to you! Sin is a reproach to Nigeria and the reproach is not just a shame: it’s a curse which has come with corresponding punishments. To the hands which hold Nigeria together, I say: be you broken in Jesus’ name. And to the chains that kept unwilling peoples compelled under a heaven-accursed name called Nigeria, I say: lose your hold. If there is God whose son is Jesus Christ, then Nigeria is already dividing because He cannot fight Himself – how much more can He fight His Word? Nigeria was set up by Britain under the foundation of selfishness and callousness, and has been carrying the yoke of unbelief. Therefore, let those who believe not be yoked with the yoke of hell. For the sake of the kingdom and for the sake of the remnant, Nigeria must finish its division. Those who work at every length to compel and keep a “One Nigeria,” may heaven rise against you, your health, and the works of your hands today. The children of the West crave for their own freedom but our children crave for God. However, because of these men and women whose hearts have been seared with hot iron, children raised in Nigeria now grow unwillingly in the ways of the evil one; may those leaders whose hearts have been darkened by blood and poison be removed by heaven. The savior of mankind, Jesus, called Herod “Fox;” I call you “Black monkeys.” You shall not escape judgment – this you know so well. The prayers you pay for from different so-called men of God will not avail you; they too are judged. Those whom you go to for ritual protection shall find out that the blood of Jesus Christ does away with every other washing. Unless the blood of Jesus washes you, you will forever remain unclean. Everything which separates man from God and made it difficult to maintain a relationship with Him was destroyed by the sacrifice of Jesus and was symbolized by the tearing into two of the cloth which demarcated the holy of holies from the people: any created being who seeks to keep people enchained after this eternal and once-and-for-all sacrifice will receive the reward of Lucifer. Today let God arise in the lives of those forcefully called Nigerians, and let all His enemies be forever scattered. Amen.

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