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Why Kennedy Agyapong Needs NPP Delegates VOTE to Save Ghana

Kennedy Agyapong
Kennedy Agyapong

I guess you’re amazed at the rate Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is somehow receiving rousing cheers from the Ghanaian electorates. Hon. Agyapong a Ghanaian businessman and politician has been a member of parliament for the Assin North constituency in the Central Region of Ghana under the ticket of the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP since 2013 till date.

The 63 years old business mogul cum politician is married to Mrs Stella Wilson Agyapong with 23 children. He had his education at Fordham University and Adisadel College, Mr. Agyapong is vying to lead the NPP as the party flagbearer if he succeeds come November 4 will eventually be the NPP’s Presidential Nominee to face off with NDC John Dramani Mahama and the others in the upcoming December 4th,2024 Presidential General Elections.

If I were to be an NPP delegate and vote in the upcoming Presidential elections of the NPP, I would certainly vote for Kennedy Agyapong based on the qualities he possesses. His character holds a magnitude and such a political figure is what Ghana needs at the present moment to steer the affairs of the nation. We have had enough of the establishment and the ruling aristocracies, is time we consider TRUMP like character in Ghana to obliterate the corrupt establishment from our political space.

Same as Donald Trump, Kennedy Agyaping is known for being a charismatic and confident leader. Some people admire his business acumen and strong-willed personality, while others find his approach controversial. He’s known for his outspokenness and his ability to grab attention.

Even though Mr. Agyapong is known as a polarizing figure in politics When it comes to charisma, Akompreko as he is popularly called has a unique presence that captivates people’s attention. He has a confident and larger-than-life persona that draws people in. His ability to command a room and connect with his audience is undeniable. Whether you agree with him or not, his charismatic style of communication has allowed him to resonate with a significant portion of the population. It’s one of the factors that has contributed to his success in the business world and in politics.

In addition to his confident demeanor, Kennedy Agyapong is known for his charismatic speaking style. He has a way of enchanting his audience through his use of vivid language and outstanding catchphrases. Whether it’s his famous “Ghana First ” slogan or his vigorous delivery during rallies and speeches, he knows how to leave a lasting imprint. His charisma also extends to his ability to connect with people on a personal level. He has a mastery for making individuals feel seen and heard, which has helped him build a loyal following.

Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong’s charisma plays a significant role in his ability to rally support and maintain a strong presence in the public eye. People find Kennedy’s approach contentious for a few reasons. His direct and unfiltered communication style can sometimes be seen as divisive or offensive to certain groups.

Also, his policy decisions and actions have sparked debates and disagreements among people with different political beliefs. But It’s important to note that controversy is often subjective, and opinions on his approach can vary greatly. Kennedy Being a confident and outspoken person is a notable characteristic of him. His self-assuredness and willingness to speak his mind have been both admired and criticized. Some people appreciate his ability to stand up for what he believes in and his fearlessness in expressing his opinions.

However, others feel that his outspoken nature can sometimes come across as brash or insensitive. It’s important to remember that confidence and outspokenness can be perceived differently by different people, leading to varying opinions about his method.

Akompreko is a polarizing figure in Ghana politics because of his strong and divisive opinions, as well as his unconventional approach to governance. Some people admire his boldness and see him as a champion for their beliefs, while others strongly disagree with his rhetoric. His actions and decisions have sparked intense debates and have often led to a deep divide among people with differing political views. This polarization is a result of his unique style and the controversial nature of his candidature.

Opinions on whether Kennedy as a president would be a good thing for Ghana come December 4th, 2024 vary greatly. Some people acknowledge that his business background will bring a fresh perspective to politics and help stimulate economic growth going forward come 2024. Others, however, have concerns about potential conflicts of interest and the impact of his policies on certain groups. It’s important to consider multiple viewpoints and cross-reference information to form a well-rounded opinion.

Though Kennedy’s long career in business has made him earn a reputable name for himself as a successful entrepreneur. there is no denying that he had achieved significant financial success throughout his career.

If I existed to be a card-bearing member of the New Patriotic Party and was left to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea ie between the corrupt establishment and outspoken figures like Kennedy Agyapong I would certainly VOTE YES for Akompreko to lead the party to break 8 if only we truly want power come 2024.

At this denture, I entreat all Presidential aspirants to step down for the man of the moment to lead the party. Whether you’re a stunt follower of DMB, AKOTO, or NIMO this is the time to put individual interest aside and vote massively for KenTrump.

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