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Why Mobile Gaming Is So Popular in Africa?


A majority of gamers in Africa prefer to use mobile phones to play games instead of consoles and PCs. This is not only in Africa, but all across the world, the trend has been changed and mobile gaming has now become the most popular option for gamers out there. Although in some countries, PC & consoles are still popular as ever, in the majority of countries, mobile gaming is on the rise.


We are living in 2022 where smartphones have become more powerful and sophisticated than ever and nearly half of the world’s population owns a mobile phone which has paved the way for mobile gaming to become popular.


Some mobile titles are better than others, some are free, and some are paid but all of these games have made mobile gaming so popular across the world, especially in Africa. Why is mobile gaming so popular in Africa? This is the thing that we are going to find out shortly:


Portability is one of the major reasons why mobile gaming is popular. The portability of a smartphone is unmatched compared to other platforms of gaming such as a gaming console or a PC. Unlike other platforms, you can play games on mobile whether you are inside your home, traveling on a bus, or sitting at a restaurant. 


Some games require having an internet connection but other games don’t even need an internet connection making the portability of mobile games and mobile gaming unmatched.

Mobile Games Are Meant For Both Casual And Skilled Gamers

Console or PC gaming is much different from mobile gaming since they require proper setup, time, and attention. Most games that are developed for PC or console are complex and difficult games that require additional skill and are not suitable for a casual gamer.


On mobile phones, we have all sorts of games available, from cards games like Solitaire to arcade games and global hits such as Candy Crush, Temple Run, Clash of Clan, Apex Legends, etc which are designed both for casual gamers and skilled gamers, making mobile games better than PC/Console games. 


Another plus point for mobile games is that they can be enjoyed and played on a handheld device at any place and at any time, making them more convenient than console and PC games. Whichever mobile device you are on, whether it is an Android or an iOS device, these games are available on both platforms.

Mobile Gaming Is Cheaper

Another major factor that is contributing to the rising popularity of mobile gaming in Africa is the rising price of gaming consoles. The economic conditions of people in Africa aren’t that good as compared to people of other continents and most people can afford to buy a console just for the sake of playing video games.


Since mobile phones have become a necessity to stay in touch with your contact and get information regarding different local and international matters, most people already own a mobile phone due to which mobile gaming is popular.


Most people in Africa would rather prefer to play games on a mobile phone that they already own instead of buying an expensive gaming console that they cannot afford. For most people in Africa, mobile gaming is completely free since they already own a mobile phone and a majority of the games that are available on the Play Store and App Store like Spider Solitaire, PUBG Mobile, FIFA, etc are available for free.

Mobile Games Are Better Than Ever

Alongside other factors, the games that we have available on mobile phones are better and more impressive than ever. There was a time when we used to have simple games for mobile phones but with the hardware, software, and technology, all improving, the games available on mobile phones have never been so better.


PC and Console games were getting all the applause because of their graphics and impressive gameplay but with mobile technology improving, we are seeing more graphic and intense mobile games than ever. We also have technology like AR (Augmented Reality) that has further enhanced the gaming experience on mobile devices. 


These were the major factors/reasons that have contributed to the increasing popularity of mobile gaming in all the countries in Africa. Mobile gaming already holds the major share of the video gaming industry and the number of mobile gamers is more than both PC and console gamers combined. In upcoming years, we will see a further increase in the popularity of mobile games.

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