Why people are so angry in modern society

Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi
Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi

Wouldn’t it be nice to be out in public and everybody was cordially smiling back at you?? But if everybody was smiling at you, wouldn’t you wonder what they were up to and why you were left out of the loop?

It is difficult to read people’s minds to see just why they are so angry.? Chances are if you directly ask them they probably won’t tell you.? The ways our society and bureaucracy are encroaching on almost every aspect of their personal, professional and monetary life, they’ll probably snap back at you and tell you to mind your own business

These could be the most common answers to this question: Why are people so angry these days?? The current state of the world?s economies and global social unrest have unsecured their lives creating monumental uncertainty. People are asking themselves these questions: Where do I belong in this world?? What should I be doing to get ahead?? Where am I going to find a job?? How am I going to provide for my family?

As their frustration builds with these uncertainties and when little, if any relief comes their way, their tolerance levels deplete thereby causing their anger.

Globally, the business climates are becoming more aggressive than ever as large corporations are working frantically to stay competitive.? They are cutting their costs to do business, streamlining their operations and becoming leaner and meaner.? The owners, CEO’s, managers and employees of these large companies are all feeling the change and stresses of staying alive in these uncertain times. Small businesses are not any different.? Struggling to remain competitive, consistantly streamlining operations, seeking new innovations and cutting costs.? Entrepreneurs are feeling the same pressures.? Seeking opportunities at a greater speed, they cannot afford to make uncertain investments.

Why are people so angry these days?? It seems as though everything challenging in life is hitting them faster and from every different direction.? Changes in technologies and communications have caused their lives to move faster.? Unemployment prevails as the cost of living keeps rising.

Sleep doesn’t come as easy as it used to.? Disruption in a person’s sleep pattern can be caused by increasing stress, anxiety and over-medication, all resulting in physical and emotional pain, discomfort and anger.

Is it a wonder why people are so angry these days?? Can you see why it won’t take much to trigger an angry response from a person?? A spilled cup of coffee in the morning can ruin the better portion of a person’s day and a ringing telephone or barking dog can set their nerves on edge.

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