Why Religion— An Honest Response To Gombilla The Poet


This is an honest response to “Why I hate Religion” by Gombilla the poet.
 Watch the video here:

But first, consider my response to the four key points he raised.

1. The nature of God

God obviously is bigger than we can fathom, as pointed out by Gombilla. He was talking about the mightiness of God but went on to say something totally different. Let’s look at it. He continued, “… So let me keep mine, you keep yours and let the world move on.”
 With this, he assumes that God’s mightiness is something we can all have a slice of, bringing it together to make a complete whole. That can’t be the case. Because it would leave you with a God who needs men in order to fully express His mightiness. This is a teaching rooted in the Islamic religion which Gombilla is laying emphasis on. He made it very clear when he said, “If our narrow understanding of religion stops us from questioning some beliefs stifling our growth, it can’t be of God because God is a God of progress.”
 Let’s look at what he just said. 
Progress means moving towards a goal. However, God is supposed to be the goal we are moving towards, not the One moving towards it!

2. Are all religions based on love?

Gombilla said, “If the very foundation of religion is love, why do some religious people do the opposite?” 
Here, Gombilla quoted from the major religions of the world and then made it looked like love is the foundation of them all. 
Let’s look at it.
 Love by definition is a choice. This means that love is an expression of your free will. If a religion is founded on love, it should be able to create an environment for the expression of the will. However, not all religions have created that environment!

3. The nature of human wickedness

Which Religion can better explain evil for us? At this point Gombilla exclaimed, “I cease to be religious!”
 He does not see how religion can explain evil, because he would ultimately test their answers against the lives of those who hold that religious belief. He seem to find incoherence in what they teach and how they live.
 He said, “If religion will make me a murderer and sink hatred into my soul, I cease to be religious.” This tells us how serious Evil is. But the seriousness of Evil gives him no right to think that religious people cannot be evil! In fact, he stated it many times in the spoken word that religious people have committed so much evil in the world. However, this does not say anything about the failure of religion to attempt the problem of evil. 
Evil is a problem of the will and the conscience not of a religious belief. A religious belief may provoke evil in an individual, but it is only because the will is weak and the conscience is dead. Who or what can empower the will and awaken the conscience of the man?
 When we look at point number two, we will realize that a religion based on love can best solve the problem of Evil with coherence into the individual’s life because it would ultimately provide an environment for the mending of the will.

4. The nature of Faith and Reason

Faith is having hope based on things that are real.
 Reason, on the other hand, points out the available facts of what is being hoped for.
 The most important thing here is Hope. Religion gives us certain hopes, that is, hope of an eternal bliss. But Gombilla does not want this! He desires we have it here and now. But if we have it here and now, would we have any hope for it? Gombilla went on to reason that a world that is led by love would bring about bliss. This is what he said, “What if we died and realized that the only heaven we could have had was to create a world where love led.”
 Let’s look at this.
 I mentioned that, Love by definition is a choice. This means that before anyone would love, he or she ought to make a choice about it. Gombilla suggests a world led by love, but my question to him is this, who’s going to make to us choose love?
 There must be an authority; you can’t love unless there’s a command to love. 
Funny enough, under the authority of Gombilla, he says love!

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