Why Selfie Sticks Have Become Human Hazard

Seven Gear & Gadgets That Have Transformed Travel


Unless you just rocketed in from space, you must have come across one or two places that have so far prohibited the use of selfie sticks. Invented as a darling, hassle-free hi-tech assist, the lot has now been labeled a human-hazard, with a death rate overtaking that of deep blue water sharks! A sad ending to it’s triumphant rule in the digital age, and improved travel adventures. Away from the misfortunes and everlasting smartphone goodness, travel.jumia.com brings you some of the gadgets and gears that have really transformed the the wanderers’ escapades.

In-flight entertainment technology
Gen Y, with their love for Netflix and all things livestream may not understand how anyone can possibly survive an hour or two with no internet connection; a whole hundred and twenty seconds out of touch! Needless to say, an eight-hough long haul with seemingly frozen black and white frozen already sounds like capital punishment. For those who have been across high seas, oceans, mountain peaks and desserts in the underbellies of a Boeing with an entertainment menu that simply stops at snacks and bites, you need to publish an all-telling journal! As for the rest of the generations and I, we look forward to the possibilities of free and fast in-flight wifi.

Luggage scale
Surprises at the check in lounge can be pleasant; a new friend, a long lost friend or the realization that you are now entering a tax free zone. On the other hand, watching the pointers run down south the scale, as your travel allowance follows suit can be traumatizing! With the advent of luggage scales, such tragedy is pushed back into the stone age; you can now confidently strut into the waiting lounge, knowing very well that your three layers of shoes, boxes of spices and a planet of gadgetry is safe.

Travel adapters
Until some sort of air-power is invented, we shall gladly rejoice and hail Harvey Hubbel for leading the way in this field. Unlike before, traversing the earth without worrying about running out of power due to issues of compatibility is now an issue that is no longer on the traveler’s life-hack directory.

Portable chargers and power cards
Carrying your own power reserves is a wise thing to do. This ensures that you do not go out of reach for battery issues, and you can keep every involved soul at peace in the knowledge that they can reach you anytime.Just be cautious when, manufacturers at times tend to take their pitch overboard with empty promises of long life, and undying power.

Scrubba wash bag
As children, and regardless of your faith and religion or lack of it, we were all taught the importance of cleanliness as being next to godliness. Now, who can break that? The guys at scrubba seem to totally honor this belief, and also hold a soft spot for backpackers. With such an indefatigable spirit, they devised this all-forgiving super bag that converts from a storage space, to a washing machine and a drying line all at the snap of a finger.

The super jacket
When it comes to maximizing on resources, nothing beats this Baubax jacket. Like magic, it morphs into a sleeping mask, grows gloves anytime you need them and has secret tunnels for gadget wiring. Such is the alien-like life of this piece; only that this one, does exist and almost regenerate it’s parts. The jacket is also quite pretentious, and looks totally innocent to an inexperienced eye. All this and more, but perhaps the coolest thing is that apart from providing safe nest for your UV sunglasses, it also comes with a microfiber cloth to wipe off any stray films of dust on your valued eyepiece.

Language translators
From the age of Egyptian hieroglyph inscriptions, to the later days of the popular Nairobi slang (sheng’), language has always been vital to the existence, survival and evolution of the human race. Therefore when digital translators were introduced in the travel market, the inventors opened a new gate to socio-economic power; gifting each of us the power to relate and associate in new territories.

By Lillian Gaitho, Jumia Travel

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