Why Some Ghanaian Celebrities Are Hiding Their Precious Children From The Media


MzbelMzbel And Her Son

Few weeks ago, I read an article online about the sad story of Tia Mowry (The Game Fame) who posted a memo that no mother should ever have to.

Apparently, she posted a picture of her baby son, Cree on one of the social media websites and some crazy people decided to do some damage to her son. They insulted the innocent kid here and there. Who does that?

In her memo Mrs. ?Mowry? told her ? friends? , followers and fans to leave her son alone.

The truth is, celebrities willingly step into the limelight, exposing themselves to all sort of criticism. But their kids don?t ask for these criticisms. That means all the vicious talk about celebrity offsprings like Beyonc? and Jay-Z?s baby Blue, who was the subject of vile commentary when her 6-month-old face was recently revealed, is a no go area.

I?ve read and heard horrible and completely inappropriate comments( and I am certainly sure Ghanaian celebrities have too) about so many of these celebrity children, judging their facial features, weight and/or hair texture.

And there?s no way around it: It?s just wrong, wrong, wrong. The same rule applies even for the kids whose parents have allowed them to step forward, like Willow Smith. Willow?s varying hair colors, length and textures, her not-so-real tongue ring, and her unique (but age appropriate) attire has inspired all manner of harsh criticisms-some people have gone so far to question her sexual orientation.

Now, I need us to evoke what is called the ?Apollo Kids Rule.? May be my American friends can explain it better. You don?t boo the babies!

Grown folks can get all the bashing. But the kids? It doesn?t matter if they are goofy looking, cranky looking or strange looking. No matter what it is, if you can?t say something nice then just don?t say nothing at all . That?s about what I need more people to do for our celebrity kids.

So ,there it is, I am sure our Ghanaian celebrities know this and ?would rather keep all the negativity and antagonizing remarks away from their children. Maybe some won?t mind all the attention though?

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