Why you are very important in this world


The system of covert depopulation cannot be changed from within because it was created by
mutual coercion mutually agreed upon.

Those within the system, the people who run each of the world?s two hundred nations, force each other to poison their fellow nationals so as to defuse the population bomb and thus prevent war between nations. This means the system can only be changed from outside, by you and others like you.

The good news is that the current system is premised on secrecy and deception. Having killed the secrecy and the deception it is now easy to force it to change. For that change to take place however we need critical mass; we need about 10% of the populace to demand an end to covert methods of depopulation.

And we don’t yet have 10%. We also need people to understand that the covert threat of chronic poisoning through the basic elements of life is as deadly as a bomb falling on our heads. Most people, unfortunately, seem to lack the intellectual ability to grasp this simple fact.

The current system does not kill the individual but the individual’s ability to procreate, which is a far more final death than merely extinguishing the life of an individual. Because, you see, once the individual has offspring he/she has already insured his/her immortality.

We live on through our children. Therefore, by shutting down a person’s genetic lineage the current system accomplishes a far deadlier goal than merely extinguishing a life. People, however, have yet to understand this. That is because evolution has endowed us only with the ability to perceive
immediate threats and has left most of us incapable of perceiving distant threats.

Unless you make it your second profession to make others understand these simple facts the
heads of government and the international community cannot initiate a change from covert to overt methods of depopulation.

They will be forced to continue to poison us into sterility and morbidity through the basic elements of life because they do not have another alternative to defuse the population bomb and now more than ever they cannot take their feet off the population break as that would lead to a doubling of the current 7 billion in just 30 years and the world cannot survive this doubling. This doubling would end civilization and possibly all life on earth.

Heads of states and governments as well as global policy makers can only keep the current
system of mass poisoning in place until such time as critical mass is reached in the population at large and the people demand an end to covert methods of depopulation and show their willingness to assume responsibility over the world by limiting their own fertility to just two children, the so-called replacement level fertility.

There is nothing more important that you could do for yourself, for your family, for your children, for your nation, for mankind and for the planet then to communicate this message to everyone you know and asking them in turn to communicate this message to everyone they know.

So please stop pushing single issues since all these issues are a consequence or a loose end of the Global Depopulation Policy: GMOs, chemtrails, 9/11, fluoride, endocrine disruptors, surveillance, police state, war, migration, Fukushima, vaccines, internet freedom, loss of human rights, loss of democracy, loss of the rule of law, corruption, police brutality, etc.

If you want to set the world aright we all need to focus on the heart of the matter. All other
issues will then fall away in a domino effect.

And if we are all to focus on the heart of the matter than we must all hear its beat. And its beat is
this. The axis around which the current international system revolves since 1945 has two
wheels: depopulation and globalization.

Depopulation, or population control, seeks to first stop the world?s population from growing and then gradually bring it down to a sustainable level so that we no longer live beyond our means, consume the resources of future generations, pollute the planet and run the risk of running out of resources and then be forced to start wars of aggression.

And globalization or resource sharing seeks to ensure that the world?s resources, regardless where they ar e found, are shared among all people on the planet without prejudice so that all people can live in comfort and dignity. We have ways to go to accomplish these global goals, but accomplish them we must.

We all live on the same planet and all our resources come from this same planet. And so long as this is the case we have to live on this planet and share its resources peacefully, fairly and sustainably.

These planetary goals can only be accomplished without force and without coercion if every
single one of us recognizes their validity and cooperates in their realization.

This makes you the most important person on earth.

This makes you indispensable.

by Kevin Mugur Galalae

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