Why you do not want to leave the corporate job?


In one of the meetings held recently, some corporate heads asked me why many employees feel suffocated and continue to blame the organization but never quit the corporate life. Many employees in fact are having entrepreneur energy, talents and aspirations as well. The question to me was to show whether any such similarities do exist in nature or among wildlife.

Interestingly the question was asked by none other than a few HR heads and senior level managers from some big corporate. In truth, such strange behaviour of corporate employees is linked with the evolution of man himself. More than proving or testing the capabilities, accepting things as a part of reality are what most animals and employees follow and do in life.

Look at the life of herbivores animals in jungle. One can find wide variety of herbivores (plant eating) animals like, deer, rabbit, buffalo, zebra, giraffe etc., are living in a jungle. Their life in jungle is filled with threats and fret. Full of danger, as the predatory animals will be always watching out for them to hunt and eat. Although, food may be available in plenty for these plant eating animals in forest, but they can neither really enjoy nor can relish the food but have to always watch out for the danger even when eating.

If there is a threat, all these animals know is only to move inside the deep jungle and never ever attempt to leave the forest and settle elsewhere in any new habitat. What keeps them within the forest ecosystem is the availability of food. When food is available in plenty, perhaps, these animals may be thinking that they can find some ways to protect them. Even if some members of their heard are hunted, they may accept such tragedy with grace. But, in all probability and possibility, they continue to live in the same jungle.

Unfortunately, none of these animals know to live a live without fear, threat and danger to their life. The life story of all the predatory animals is also no way different.

These animals also may be of the view that how sure in other habitats, there will be no danger.

Questioning the statuesque only has caused the evolution of new species and accepting the statuesque has caused stability and repetitiveness. Ultimately, all the evolutions are only to attain stability. All the corporate in the world exist only because of the employees who rarely question the status and similarly, many corporate are evolving only because of some employees who dare to question the ‘statuesque’ and become ‘entrepreneurs’ who come up with new ideas and innovations.

As an answer to the question, I asked them whether they are working for a stable corporate, in other words, working against the ‘evolution’ or to create a corporate. Nature has the answer and has indeed answered the question. Plenty of food (opportunity) and plenty of danger (uncertainty) are inevitable for healthy life. The food makes one to live and the danger makes the one to be conscious. Whether you are at the first level or the second level, introspection only can reveal, I concluded my speech.

Ref: Management book ? Jungle wisdom for corporate management ? lessons from university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan

Articles by S. Ranganathan, Dr.

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